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Vanity Is Your Main Enemy

Vanity is your first enemy on the way of spiritual growth. The more you grow and expand horizons of your interests the more chances that you can be caught in trap of vanity. So what is vanity and what is the difference between vanity and pride?

What Are The Secrets Of Success?

The dictionary defines “success” as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So, first of all, to be successful, you need to have an aim or purpose. It can be strange, but many people want success but they do not what they want to do, what their aims, what their hobbies, they even do not know themselves.

What Is Common Ground Between You and Air-Balloon?

Gravitation is also a part of energy flow. If you are falling, the sequence of situations in your life will appear to make you fall faster. Exactly, it is always said: “Misfortunes never come alone”.

5 Ways To Increase Motivation

Would you like to live such a life as you have now during the whole of your life? Oh..maybe this is the best question you may ask yourself to become motivated.