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Academic Writing Working Experience and why being an academic writer is a useful experience for blogging?

I have been working as a freelancer for nearly 5 years. Now I am working both as an academic writer and blogger. And that is to say, these two “similar” works are completely different. But, being an academic writer is a useful way to find new interesting information which I can share here on my blog. Of course, I do not share essays that I sent to a customer, I mean knowledge and experience received while working as an academic writer.

3 Tips On How To Get People To Listen To You

Nowadays, communication is one of the most important ways of how people represent own thoughts and ideas. Your speech is the way other people see you and understand you. The way you speak can make you to be wise or fool. It can realize your ideas or even ruin your career. We need to be heard. So, you should know how you can get people to listen to you.

Who is a Successful Person?

What is the reality of success? The reality is such that success rarely is an easy way. Success is an abstract notion and for everyone, it differs. No matter what is it, money, love, knowledge, travelling etc. Everyone has own vision of it. And unfortunately, most people stay in this visionary and never come close to their dream in reality. So, what makes a person successful?

How Not To Be Pressured by Having Own Business

Having own business is an amazing opportunity which helps to obtain the desired life, fulfil own ideas and make your wishes come true. By having own business, you can’t do anything and have money. The business allows having a lot of free time which… Continue Reading “How Not To Be Pressured by Having Own Business”

How to Choose Job of Dream?

Choosing job is an important decision in life. Most of the job positions require working 8 hours a day and it means, that people dedicate a lot of time for job or business. Therefore, it is essential to find a job you like. Many… Continue Reading “How to Choose Job of Dream?”