Motivation is 50% of Teacher’s Success

I have been working as a teacher nearly 3 years and found out that the key to success is an ability to motivate your students. You can be extremely well-informed teacher but if you do not have a connection with your students, you can only stay a boring speaker who is trying to teach something.

That is to say, I was a private tutor of English and Spanish languages and I have got a lot of students because I was not only a teacher for my students but also a motivator and a friend. Of course, if you decided to become friends with your students you should not forget about your professionalism. First of all, you are a Teacher with a large “T”, so your students must respect you and do not behave like they are in the street with of the same age.

A Teacher with a Large “T”

To be respected by your students, show own example how your knowledge helped you in your life. Children understand many things and if they feel you are not successful in your sphere, they will never get an interest in “what you say”. Tell them how your knowledge changed your worldview and how it improved your life. Make them believe in what you say.

If you want respect from your students, respect each of your students. I saw many teachers who choose favorites and tried to be focused on these students while avoiding other. This is horrible behavior from the teacher’s side. It shows you as a person who does not accept other people. If you are a teacher with a large “T” be ready to accept each student and find their strengths. Each student is exceptional and if you see it exceptionality it will be felt from the student’s side.

Ask Questions and Try to Understand

Each student needs understanding from teacher’s side. You can’t motivate them to do something if you do not try to understand the needs of your student. You may ask such questions to understand your student better: “Do you like this subject?”, “What you like the best in our lessons?”, “Do you like our lessons?”, etc. After student’s responses you will receive more information about this student and will have a psychological picture of this person. After analyzing student’s preferences you will be able to find out what can motivate this student.

Teacher, Friend, Psychologist

As you may see, being a teacher is not only learning the material and telling it to the students. It is hard psychological work. If you want to succeed in teaching career you should be good psychologist. The person who does not only choose favorites in a classroom, but it is someone who can understand each student and give the learning material in the required manner. Being a good teacher means to be a friend and a person who does not only speak but also possess listening skills. Respect your students, and then will respect you.

Beauty And The Beast Coloring Book (1)

Today, I would like to talk with you about my hobby which inspires me and help me to relax. This is coloring. I am not professional artist or colorist. I am amateaur, so please do not critisize me too much…This picture is from the coloring book “Beauty and the Beast”.

Be sure coloring is not only for children. It is a good way not only to relax after a hard working day or get rid of depression but is a nice way to boost your imagination and be inspired for the future endeavours. When I start coloring pictures I feel so immeresed in the process that I cannot even stop doing it.

This is the same as meditation. Earlier I told you that meditation is not only sitting in the pose of lotus. It is first of all state of mind. While coloring books, you can get this “true meditation” and find yourself in the flow of creative energy.


For me coloring books is the way of relaxation and also the way of finding creativity. Do you like coloring books?

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How Not To Hit the Panic Button Because of Coronavirus?

All we are well-informed about this terrible situation in the world. Pandemic disease caused by Coronavirus closed to each country and made us to be afraid of this new virus. We do not have a vaccine and it makes us to be alert. We are afraid to take an infection from someone. We are afraid of losing close people. This is terrible. This is even impossible not to hit the panic button…But, you should to calm down your mind and continue to live without this terrible feeling of fear. 

Your Mind is Your Super Power

Of course, we are people, and we are emotional. This is our prerogative. But this emotionality often obscures our mind and does not allow us to see the reality. The reality is that you should stay in balance and do not forget about harmony. Even in such difficult situation…Particularly, in such a situation. If you hit the panic button, it only makes you vulnerable to any disease. Your mind is your power. Did you forget that our thoughts are material? 

Take Into Consideration Physical and Psychological Aspects

Stay in balance means to take all preventive actions and stay calm. Wash your hands, use antiseptic, follow the requirements of your governance and keep to quarantine. Some people’s belief is so strong that they avoid doing all these things. But, let’s be realists with a calm mind. Only such a state can help you to stay both physically and psychologically healthy. Do not forget about balance, you have physical, mental and emotional bodies. So, to stay indestructible we are obliged to take into consideration each of them

I wish you to be healthy in any aspect, but only you can control your mind. Be healthy. 

What do you think about this virus? Are you afraid of it? What is situation in your country?

How to Program Crystals?

If you decided to buy crystals for any purpose you should know that you can program your crystal and make it work for your intention. If you bought crystal with the aim of protection you can ask the crystal to protect you and its power will be focused on realizing your intention. It does not mean that you give crystal power you simply make its energy to be directed on your aim. 

Setting Intention

If you chose crystal and want to program it, take it into your hands and ask for what you need. Be precise in your desire and do not ask for several. For example, when I bought agate amulet I asked it to protect me. Do not tell crystal “how to do it” simply give intention to crystal. Even if you did not ask the crystal to protect you or to heal you, each of gemstone has its own properties and it means that they act accordingly. While setting an intention you allow your crystal to be concentrated around “one intention” and it improves the work with a crystal. 

Visualization is Important

When you hold the crystal in your hands visualize that your intention is coming through your hands. Send vibrations to the crystal and imagine it like an energy flow coming through your body, then hands and reaching crystal. Be sure that nothing is distracting you, you can also fire up a candle to calm down your mind and set a magical atmosphere. 

What Crystal to Choose?

One of the most important aspects is that you need to choose a crystal which resonates with your desire. All crystals are different and used to perform particular tasks. You cannot ask the crystal to do something if it is not able to perform it. So, before setting an intention, be sure to choose an appropriate crystal. 

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What Is The Difference Between Productive Worker And Workaholic?

In the modern world, it is so easy to become addicted to work especially if you are an ambitious person with a number of goals. There is nothing bad in the desire to be an outstanding person who strives to get succeed in own field, but sometimes we forget this golden middle and value work higher than other important aspects in life such as family, love and friends.

How Important Work Is For You?

Ask yourself: “How important work is for you?”. If it important so what is more important for you? Family or work? You can answer differently on this question but those who prefer work are supposed to lose balance in life and lose the precious relationships in your life which can’t cost any money, the work is giving to you. Of course, sometimes you may see that relationships do not give you such feedback as it is seen with work. Your support, love and friendly approach can’t be valued appropriately, but it does not mean that you should close your heart to close people. It is better to talk to them and define what you like and don’t like in relationships. 

Are You Happy With Your Workload?

If you are working in someone’s company it means that you have a working schedule and before applying to this job offer you are acquainted with this job’s requirements. However, if you are the owner of business, it is sometimes difficult to control time dedicated to working and in most cases, you can be overloaded. Do not forget to get relaxed and have time for other things in your life such as family, friends or hobbies.

Got Stressed?

If you feel stressed with your workload, it is not healthy. You may cause depression, anxiety or stress with such an approach. If you got stressed, set yourself a free time “to forget about work”. Sometimes you may need 1 day and sometimes a week. It depends on how deep depression you have. We are not robots and are not obliged to work without a break. 

Do you agree with me? Have you found yourself stressed because of workload?