You Deserve To Be Wealthy!

Money is a desirable attribute of everyone. People like to be wealthy because money helps them to make their wishes come true. However, there are rich and poor people yet and not everyone can succeed in life. Rich people can be wealthy because of different reasons such as rich parents, heritage, hard work or even good luck. If you think How to become rich? How to earn money? Here is a list of qualities that make person to be poor:

  • Laziness (e.g “I have a dream but I will start tomorrow”)
  • Lack of creativity (e.g. “I don’t know what to do”)
  • Wrong affirmations (e.g. “I am not worthy of it”)
  • Weak will (e.g. “Too much time passed and I haven’t succeeded yet, maybe it is not for me”)

If we take two different people with the same goal to suceed. For example, people who openned a flower shop on the same street. Both these shops bring different benefit however both of these people are hard-working and have good creative skills. The only difference between these people is wrong affirmations. The person who has a good profit from the flowery shop is confident in own luck and always reach goals, but another one has hesitation and cannot believe that this business can bring good money.

There are different psychological issues which relate to wrong affirmations, it can be family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. To succeed, you need to understand that no one person in the world can dictate YOU what to do. If you have a dream, make it come true, even if you need a long period to succeed. “Big dreams require time to come true”. Remember about it!

Energy System: 7 Chakras

Chakra means “wheel” and it relates to the astral energy of a person. The body of a person can be compared with a channel where energy is flowing. That is to say, the state of chakras has a significant influence on how a person is living and what situations are happening in the life of a person. Blocked or unbalanced chakra may originate problems in the life of the person, in order, this one could find the reason for the problem and come to harmony. This is all we called karma. If you want your karma to be better, this is important to understand what chakra is blocked and why your energy flowing is unstable. So here is a brief description of each chakra:

MULADHARA (Red). If a person is a house, so Muladhara chakra is a foundation of this house. Everyone knows how the foundation is important for the safety of the house, stable Muladhara significantly improve the material state of the person. It relates to the earth and gives a person, the power of earth energies. Where it can be found? It is located near the anus and the adrenal glands. Also, it has a close relation to legs and feet. If the person has an unstable Muladhara chakra this one can face troubles with health, especially with lower back, legs and sexual organs. This is the first chakra that helps a person to realize that he or she exists in this world. 

SWADHISTHANA (Orange). This chakra has a significant impact on the sexual organs. It relates to reproduction and sexual energy. But, it also relates to the emotions of people. And low emotional intelligence is an indicator of weak Swadhisthana chakra. If chakra is in good state, the person has no problems with sexual energy and reproductive organs. 

MANIPURA (Yellow). This chakra line up with the self-esteem of the person. If the person opens this chakra, this one may have deep thoughts about “who am I?” and “what role I have in society?”. It relates to the individuality of a person and desire to find talents and commitments to succeed in life. This one has goals and tries to reach them. While the person with blocked Manipura has many dreams and never think about the ways how to set goals and succeed. 

ANAHATA (Green or Pink). Open Anahata means that the person can show “human” qualities, such as empathy and unconditional love. This one loves the world and the people who live in this world. The desire to help people morally or physically relates to this chakra. In case Anahata is blocked the person can feel negative emotions such as grief, fear, and pain.

VISHUDHA (Sky Blue). It is throat chakra. This relates to how we express ourselves in society and what we say. Honest and open person who can easily express their own words has open vishudha chakra. On the other hand, all speaking problems may relate to blocked vishudha.

AGYA (Indigo). It is located between eyebrows and also can be referred to as “third eye”. Open Agya means that the person has good intuition and can open different extrasensory talents. 

SAHASRARA (White or Violet). In most people, Sahasrara is closed, and most of the yogins try to open in. This chakra gives wisdom and understanding of life situations. This is a place where a person set a connection with God. As soon as a person opens Sahasrara he or she can understand and “see” other people. All people for such become “equal” because this person understands that everyone in this world is here to come over certain situations and become free from negative energies.

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Why Books Are Better Than Films?

In the era of technological breakthrough, popularity of films is growing. Film is an important art which helps people to investigate culture of other nations, and find more about specific area of interest. This is the way we can expand our worldview. As such, why do we need books? Is it better to watch film and save time? I can say there are a number of reasons for you not to throw away books and go to the nearest library and chose one to read.

  1. Books expand your word stock. When you are watching films, you do not pay so much attention to the words used by actors, in the comparison with reading of books. When you read a book you can take time for concentration on what is written.
  2. Improve your professionalism. If you want to become a specialist in some area, it is better to learn something with book because professionals prefer to write books while sharing their experience. So, more books are available on your specific area of interest. For example, English is my second language and to improve my level, I always read books. If you want to improve yout English language, I would recommend you New English File and Grammar In Use (to improve your Grammar)
  3. Develop your imagination. Imagination is an extremely important issue in our world as soon as there are more opportunities for creative people. When you read a book, characters and scenes spring up in your mind and you create your own film while reading your books, the book becomes a virtual reality. My favourite book is Harry Potter. This is one of the books that can take you back to your childhood and remind you that fairy-tale exists.
  4. You chose time duration for book. Yo can read it faster or longer and come back when you have time for it
  5. Book is more portable than film. You can take a book even in school and read during a break, enjoying with a favorite.

What are your favourite books? And what do you like more reading books or watching films?

Who am “I”?

Who am “I”? I am sure this question you’ve already asked yourself. When you stay in front of the mirror you may see the resemblance of a body of a person. This is a physical appearance of you. If you start a discussion with someone, you may find yourself that you are someone with intellectual skills and emotions.

So, is it all you? Emotions, Intellect, and Body? But who is someone inside you? The one who gives an impulse for the next actions and emotions? What do people mean when they talk “if you don’t know what to do listen to your “intuition”?

My blog is dedicated to the complex development of a person which includes such spheres as body health, relationships and emotions, material wealth, and spiritual growth.

“Harmony is what everyone looking for…”