How Thoughts Form Our Reality

In our informational world, it is quite impossible to concentate own mind but you can’t even imagine how our thoughts sometimes so “inoffensive” can trap you in a horrible life situation.

I am sure that good mood and positive thoughts are half of the win. Pay attention to some participation and ask participants how they are feeling. Be sure that those who are feared or feel unsure rarely become winners. A winner is a charismatic person who is self-confident and always know what to do. So, what is the secret? Instead of being afraid focus your mind on the ways how to win, focus on positive results. You may even imagine the situation where you are the winner. Of course, it is essential to think out actions because there is no way to receive a desirable thing without considering actions and ways of how it can be fulfilled.

The world we live in is quite different for various people. Some people are sure that they have an amazing life, while others are always in a state of “victim”, which is always blaming the whole world. So, why some people live a good life while others have a horrible “karma”? Of course, everyone has situations which are positioned by fate. But I am sure, that all we are the artists of own life, and only you are responsible for your emotions and thoughts. Positive thoughts create a positive reality. Of course, you are not required to be continuously happy, all we are live beings and have emotions. But instead of being angry on life, consider the actions how can you change it.

All the “bad” situations are lessons. They make us stronger. If you know it, you can see life from another side. From now, look on life obstacles as lessons, find the reason and act for creating your own fairy-tale.

How Not To Be Pressured by Having Own Business

Having own business is an amazing opportunity which helps to obtain the desired life, fulfil own ideas and make your wishes come true. By having own business, you can’t do anything and have money. The business allows having a lot of free time which can be dedicated to family and friends. And so forth…If you have a business and don’t feel these words are about you, proceed reading with some advice which can help you to avoid pressure and stress caused by the sense of responsibility.

Don’t be afraid to lose your business. Most people who have own business are extremely afraid of losing business and money. They are afraid of coming back to poverty and lower social status. In such a way they create excessive potential as soon as all our thoughts and feelings create the reality we live in. If you always think about losing your business, be sure that you are the one who creates problems in your deal. To avoid such unpleasant fear, think about creating one more source of income. Even if this business is going to be crushed, you will have one more which can help you alight on feet and not to be stressed by failure. Apart from, if you know that you have one more business you will not be so pressured by fear of losing business, because you have one more.

Evaluate the pros and cons of your business. It is impossible not to be pressured by having a business if you do not know what your company’s weak and strong sides. It can be compared with chaos where there is no end. Directly you make this analysis, it will be easier for you to define what needs to be improved to get succeed.

Delegate your duties to someone else. If it is possible to delegate your duties to someone else. You may be sure that it can significantly cut your income. However, being a business owner, remember that the most important in life is your time. Take it to win one more mountain top. You may investigate something new and found out more information for your success if you have time. Delegation helps to expend business and avoid pressure caused by the feeling of responsibility. 

How to Choose Job of Dream?

Choosing job is an important decision in life. Most of the job positions require working 8 hours a day and it means, that people dedicate a lot of time for job or business. Therefore, it is essential to find a job you like.

Many people say that you should turn your hobby to a job, but what to do if you don’t have a hobby and whether it is a good decision to make your hobby be a routine work? The dictionary defines “hobby” as an activity done for pleasure out of working time. As such, it helps to relax and relax after routine work which is done on the regular basis. Yes, it is essential to have a job which is interesting for you but you also should have something like a hobby in order to make your life brighter and multivarious.

Here is my list of questions which I asked myself before choosing my qualification:

  • What do you like to do?
  • What sphere in life would like you to change and upgrade?
  • What do you know the best and always search info for?
  • How much time would you like to dedicate to your work?
  • What would you like to investigate?
  • What questions you asked yourself more frequently? About what?
  • What is your “big dream” and how can you reach it?
  • How much money would you like to earn?

Hope this article will be useful for you and you will find your “job of dream” and improve your life and lives of other people in a better way. Good Luck!

How to start spiritual growth?

When talking about spirituality, many people associate it with magic, psychics, spirits or something what is out of reality. Spirituality is the power of your soul and inner world. The more powerful your soul is, the more powerful are you. Everyone wants to be strong spiritually and be able to cope with any situations in life. However, spiritual growth is not easy, it is worth it, as soon as in life there are two states: degradation and evolution and each soul have a strong wish to evolutionize.

So, how to start this spiritual growth and evolutionize? Many people can consider that it is essential to practice meditation, calm down mind and investigate the inner world of your soul. They are true. This is an effective way to investigate both the inner world of the soul and the outer world of the universe.

However, I am sure that spiritual growth should start from putting the body in the proper trim. Do you remember this saying “a sound mind in a sound body”? No matter how much time do you dedicate to your inner world, you will never reach harmony and proper spiritual growth without paying attention to your body. Your body is the temple of your soul. And if it is ill your soul cannot be powerful in such temple.

Good or “Goodie”?

Do you think that you are good? Maybe you help others, support their ideas, say a good word of people and simply you are the one other people called “good”.

You could be surprised that in most cases such people are not good, they are “goodie”. Goodie is the one who wants others to consider him or her to be good. The helpful one can support and is not conflictive. Yes, this one IS NOT CONFLICTIVE. You may say, so what is the problem, conflict is destructive for human relationships. But you are not overall, in many cases conflict can help people to reach mutual understanding. As such, you should not be afraid to say “no” and demonstrate own arguments even if they are controversial.

If you think that the action of a person may be your friend, boyfriend or parents are wrong, do not be afraid to show your word and be good in truth. Good is the one who has a desire to help even being considered to be a bad and conflictive person. Be sure, the person whose behaviour is wrong can listen to you and your relationships will be even better.

When parents bring up a child they want this child to be “ goodie” at home, in order a child was helpful and cannot go against their ideas, and as they think to keep “harmony” at home. They want a child to be “goodie” at school to be proud of a child. So, you are not a child anymore, do not be a victim in relationships, be strong enough to show your arguments without being afraid to be bad.