Vadim Zeland “Reality Transurfing. Steps I-V” (Book Review)

“The mind can only construct a new model of a house from the bricks of a previous design.”
― Vadim Zeland

The book “Reality Transurfing” is one of the most important books in my life. This book changed my worldview and allowed me to understand that only I am the artist of my life. “Reality Trasurfing” smashed the stereotypes in my mind and opened the gate to the “magical world” we live in.

I have not been looking for this book in book shops, “Reality Transurfing” came to me at a certain time when I needed it. I was a student and one of the girls I lived in the dormitory was reading it and I asked: “what is this book about?”. Her answer was “This book answers on all questions”. I was surprised and asked again “how it can be possible?”. She said: “ask a question and open this book on any page and read the first sentence”. I did it. You know, I was shocked. I have not read earlier such books. It was magical to me at that time.

I have read nearly 800 pages in 1 week and I was reading it everywhere. Each page of this book was opening my eyes broader to the world I live in. The main idea of a book is to give you an understanding of how the universe works. While reading “Reality Transurfing” and applying methods from this book, you will be surprised how it is easy to redirect your future in “the right side”.

I do not recommend this book for those people who are not ready to take their lives under control. If you are not ready “to create your life”, this book is not for you yet. But, if you are ready to realize your dreams and find out how the methods of visualization work, that is worthy of reading!

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Benefits of Ginger and Lemon Tea

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

― Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

What would you choose tea or coffee? Many people adore drinking both of them, but if I say you that it can be not only a daily ritual but a useful way of maintaining you healthy? All that you need is to chose “the right tea”. Lemon and Ginger’s tea is a good way not only to relax from a daily routine but also it can make you healthier.

Ginger and Lemon Tea is a useful remedy in case of respiratory disease or cold. Due to the high level of antioxidants in ginger, it can significantly boost your immune system. Ginger and Lemon Tea relieve nausea and can prevent vomiting. It is a useful way to improve your digestion and increase the absorption of food. 

The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in ginger tea can offer assistance reestablishing and improving your blood circulation that helps to diminish the chance of cardiovascular issues. Ginger may prevent fat from storing within the courses making a difference to anticipate heart attacks and stroke. Ginger tea has calming properties that will offer assistance lower your level of stress. 

If I have a cold I always drink a lot of tea with ginger, honey and lemon I am sure it is one of the best ways to improve the immune system.

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Do you like ginger and lemon tea?

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil can be used on different purposes. You may use it for skincare or as a way of aromatherapy to relax and calm down your mind. It is good in a fight with exhaustion and depression. As well as, it takes care of your skin killing harmful bacteria and viruses. Using lemon-scented products for home, helps its owners to be in a better mood and feel relaxed.


Lemon essential oil is one of the best oils which kill harmful bacteria that can grow on your skin. As such, it is the best choice for cleaning small wounds. Moreover, it possesses protective qualities which are called antioxidants. With the help of them, your skin will look brighter and the tone of your skin will be evener.


In aromatherapy, the lemon essential oil is applied mainly as a natural anaesthetic. In case you’ve got a cold or are encountering a sore throat, lemon essential oil could be a great domestic cure to undertake.

Essential oil diffuser

Attempt setting up a diffuser with lemon oil to discharge its sweet fragrance in your room whereas you get a rest. The calming properties of lemon oil can offer assistance unwind both your intellect and the muscles in your throat.

Do not forget to make a patch test on allergic reactions and reading instructions before using it.

What Is The Difference Between An Empath And A Highly Sensitive Person?

People often confuse a highly sensitive person with an empath. Yes, both types are very similar. An empath can be a highly sensitive person and a highly sensitive person can be an empath. But there are some distinctions between them.

Highly sensitive people are people who absorb a lot of information about the world than other people. It means that they often see connections between the events in life and as such, they often become exhausted from it. They need some time to relax from the oversaturated environment. Highly sensitive people also can be extremely empathetic to other people. In most cases, they are introverts due to their ability of introspection.

An empath is another level of high sensitivity. It is not simply understanding people’s emotions but it is absorbing other people emotional state. Such ability can be a gift or a curse. A negative and stressful environment can cause a panic attack or depression to an empath. Empaths can feel the energy and this ability enable them to heal people not only by the energy flow but simply with their attendance and warm words. Empaths are good friends because they are good listeners. They feel what other people feel and as such, they are best advisors. 

As I have already mentioned I am an empath and it is extremely difficult for me to be in an environment where people experience negativity. Sometimes, it can cause me crying and I even cannot explain to other people why I am behaving like that. I can’t stand people conflicts, scandals, screams. I do not simply observe it but it seems like I experience what they feel.

There were several situations when I felt the physical pain of other people and even asked “do you feel pain in your leg here and here” and they were replying me “yes”. They were shocked but recently I understood that such ability makes me be a good healer.

Now I am a practitioner of Reiki but that is to say, I started to feel the energy flows long before my initiation. I am not master yet, I simply use it for curing myself but hope to develop my abilities in the future. 

Do you consider yourself to be an empath or highly sensitive person?

Awakened Empath The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing (Review)

In the modern world being a sensitive person is extremely difficult. It seems like you are surrounded by energy vampires. You feel other people emotions and negative experiences. And it is horrible. Your life is not only yours it seems like you live different life experiences. And unfortunately, they are not always positive. 

There are different reasons why you were born to be an empathetic person. You may have latent talents such as healing or gnosis etc. But, if you can’t accept this gift it will be difficult for you to feel happiness through your life. 

If you want to understand whether you are an empathetic person, I recommend you to read the book Awakened Empath The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing”. This book will help you to understand who is an empathetic person and how to survive in modern society having such a gift. 

Also, to obtain harmony in your life, you need to accept both positive and negative sides of your “self”. In this book, you can find out how to do it. Sometimes, your negative side can be hidden for you but it does not mean that you have an only positive side. We are living beings and it means that we assimilated with nature. All life is black and white, fortune and bad luck, good and evil. And if you want to understand who YOU are, you need to accept both sides. 

About the Author

Aletheia Luna is a compelling writer whose work has changed the lives of thousands of individuals around the world. After getting away from the religious cult she was raised in, Luna experienced a significant existential emergency that driven to her otherworldly arousing. As an empath, profoundly delicate individual, and otherworldly counsellor, Luna’s mission is to assist others gotten to be cognizant of their entanglement and discover happiness, power, and freedom.