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5 Ways To Increase Motivation

Would you like to live such a life as you have now during the whole of your life? Oh..maybe this is the best question you may ask yourself to become motivated.

Who is an empath? 5 signs of an empathetic person

If somebody enters a room with horrible mood, you feel it and often ask “What happened?”, “Why are you so angry?”.

What is Consciousness?

…Being conscious means to be at the right time, to be here and not in the clouds…

Why is it important to be honest with yourself?

Lie#1 FInding a guilty person.
Lie#2 Nothing is working for me.
Lie#3 This is my fate.

How to start spiritual growth?

When talking about spirituality, many people associate it with magic, psychics, spirits or something what is out of reality. Spirituality is the power of your soul and inner world. The more powerful your soul is, the more powerful are you. Everyone wants to be… Continue Reading “How to start spiritual growth?”