• Are you a powerful person? What makes us powerful?

    27.02.2020 by

    Power is what people strive for. This feeling makes us self-confident and inspire us to overcome obstacles and conquer new peaks. But the only desire to be powerful does not make us to be so. If you want to be powerful you need to know what can make you be such a person. First of all, let’s find out what does it mean to be powerful.

  • How to Stay Imperturbable in Stressful Situation?

    26.02.2020 by

    The world we live in seems to be extremely stressful. There is so many information, stereotypes, and meanings. Sometimes, it seems to be impossible to overcome a stressful situation. But it is not. If I say you, that the world we live is not stressful, do you believe me? My world is not, and I am sure that these techniques can help you to feel in the same manner.

  • AGATE – Magical and Healing Properties

    25.02.2020 by

    Agate’s healing properties are well-known since times of Babylon. Ancient civilizations used it as a healing amulet and ornamentation. Comparing with other stones, agate has a lower intensity of vibrations but it is a good stabilizer for physical, emotional and mental health.

  • Jasmine Essential Oil

    24.02.2020 by

    Jasmine essential oil is derived from the jasmine flower and it is a well-known remedy against stress. Applying it to aromatherapy is a good way to improve your mood and balance hormones. More than hundreds of years, jasmine was used as a remedy for depression, stress, anxiety, low libido and sleeping disorder.

  • Vadim Zeland “Reality Transurfing. Steps I-V” (Book Review)

    22.02.2020 by

    The book “Reality Transurfing” is one of the most important books in my life. This book changed my worldview and allowed me to understand that only I am the artist of my life. “Reality Trasurfing” smashed the stereotypes in my mind and opened the gate to the “magical world” we live in.

  • Benefits of Ginger and Lemon Tea

    20.02.2020 by

    What would you choose tea or coffee? Many people adore drinking both of them, but if I say you that it can be not only a daily ritual but a useful way of maintaining you healthy? All that you need is to chose “the right tea”. Lemon and Ginger’s tea is a good way not only to relax from a daily routine but also it can make you healthier.

  • Lemon Essential Oil

    19.02.2020 by

    Lemon Essential Oil can be used on different purposes. You may use it for skincare or as a way of aromatherapy to relax and calm down your mind. It is good in a fight with exhaustion and depression. As well as, it takes care of your skin killing harmful bacteria and viruses. Using lemon-scented products for home, helps its owners to be in a better mood and feel relaxed.

  • Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

    16.02.2020 by

    In medicine, lavender oil is applied to diminish harmful bacteria, eliminate muscle spasms, reduce flatulence, purify and alleviate inflamed skin particularly when coming about from a venomous, irritating bug bite, advance expedient recuperating of aggravated and scarred skin, and diminish muscle pressure with the help of a massage.

  • Crystals and 7 Chakra Stones

    15.02.2020 by

    In this article, I would like to give you detailed information about 7 Chakra Stones and how they can be applied in everyday life. As I mentioned previously, crystals and stones can be helpful tools in healing. Their vibration can help to avoid illnesses and create positive aura around you.

  • Why Do You Need To Read Self-Development Books?

    14.02.2020 by

    Book is one of the best ways to entertain yourself, especially when you are reading some romances or detectives. It develops your imagination and helps you to get immersed in another reality. But why it is important to read self-development books? They do not help you to relax but they are useful to you.

  • The Essential Habits of 6-Figure Bloggers: Secrets of 17 Successful Bloggers You Can Use to Build a Six-Figure Online Business (Review)

    13.02.2020 by

    For me blogging is something that I like, I could do it for a long time without even having a return from it. But, I truly believe that if you put a lot of efforts to something, make something useful for others, you must receive a profit out of it. First of all it motivates you not to give up and secondly it inspires you to make your work better.

  • Academic Writing Working Experience and why being an academic writer is a useful experience for blogging?

    11.02.2020 by

    I have been working as a freelancer for nearly 5 years. Now I am working both as an academic writer and blogger. And that is to say, these two “similar” works are completely different. But, being an academic writer is a useful way to find new interesting information which I can share here on my blog. Of course, I do not share essays that I sent to a customer, I mean knowledge and experience received while working as an academic writer.

  • Chakra Healing: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Healing Techniques that Balance the Chakras (Review)

    11.02.2020 by

    Chakras are energy centres in our aura which can both collect negative energy blockages and assist in healing. There are 7 main chakras in the aura and each one is responsible for different sphere of our life. If you find out how they work, you can receive an amazing gift from nature which is the ability to heal own body. With the development of these skills, you can also help your friends, relatives and other people.

  • Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe (Review)

    09.02.2020 by

    Have you noticed in your life something like symbols, repeating numbers or have you felt that someone is guarding you? The Universe we live in is mysterious and magical, but we cannot open eyes to understand what is going on around us.

  • Talk Like TED (Book Review). Do you want to talk like TED?

    06.02.2020 by

    Do you like TED Talks? If you have already seen one of them, you know how persuasive they are. Those people who speak on the scene look like they are gifted orators, who can persuade anyone and who are always listened to carefully. Their words become worldwide artworks and not only people in the auditory are listening to them but millions of people watch their speeches on the Internet. What makes their speeches to be so exceptional? Why people are eager to listen to them?

  • Osho: Meditation (Review)

    05.02.2020 by

    Osho is one of the most outstanding spiritual teachers of 20s century. Those who are interested in the spiritual life heard about him. We are used to consider that mediation is something like sitting in the pose of lotus and visualizing some objects or being concentrating on something. It helps to calm down the mind but it is not “true meditation”.

  • How to Improve Your English Skills? Most Frequent Questions.

    05.02.2020 by

    As I mentioned earlier, English is not my native language. I have studied it at the university and even now I continue to improve my English. Also, I have been working as a teacher of English and as such, I have found out what are the main students’ problems in studying English. In this article, I will try to respond to the most frequent students’ questions…

  • 3 Tips On How To Get People To Listen To You

    03.02.2020 by

    Nowadays, communication is one of the most important ways of how people represent own thoughts and ideas. Your speech is the way other people see you and understand you. The way you speak can make you to be wise or fool. It can realize your ideas or even ruin your career. We need to be heard. So, you should know how you can get people to listen to you.

  • This Device Can Be Helpful In Your Blogging Career

    01.02.2020 by

    First of all, I decided to start blogging when I found out that I want to share. We used to be consumers, and rarely givers. I think it is like to give a present. Some people like more giving presents, while others want only to receive them. I am sure we should live in balance and do not forget about sharing. If you are knowledgeable of something, do not be afraid of sharing your knowledge and experience to others. As such it always makes you wiser.

  • What Is The Hidden Rock of Inflated Expectations?

    30.01.2020 by

    I always try to do my best to live the life I would like to have. Such an ambitious attitude helps me to reach my goals. But, there is no success without failures. Hitting the rock bottom, I feel that I am not so good and do not deserve my goal. I am sure many ambitious people feel depressed while not reaching their goals. I think that we need to be more positive on the road to success.

  • Spoiled or Rich?

    28.01.2020 by

    Many people believe that money is the root of all evils. They think money makes a person to be selfish and bad. I do not think so. However, there is a fact that some are egoistic because of their wealth. Moreover, they evaluate people according to the amount of money they have. While other people stay the same even becoming super-rich. So, what is the difference between a spoiled and wealthy person?

  • What Is The Difference Between Rich And Poor?

    26.01.2020 by

    We often call rich people to be lucky. They have all that they want. Their lives are easier, brighter, and happier and so on. If you do not consider yourself to be a rich person, there is a problem in your will and belief in own powers and nothing else.

  • Do Not Wait For A Prince. Become a Princess

    24.01.2020 by

    What is a woman’s happiness? Being a woman I have been always wished to be a happy woman. I thought it means to be beloved by a husband or boyfriend and as such to be happy. One of the most desirable issues for a woman is to have this woman’s happiness. As such, there are a lot of stereotypes with this notion which cannot allow YOU to be happy if you still do not understand them.

  • What Is Kundalini? My Personal Experience (Part 1)

    22.01.2020 by

    In terms of Sanscrit, Kundalini is an energy that arises from the spine and is given to every person since his or her birth. Basically, Kundalini rarely becomes activated as soon as this energy reveals a big power which significantly changes the life of the person.

  • Do Not Save. Invest.

    20.01.2020 by

    Many people are preoccupied with saving more money. But, I am not sure it is a good way to become richer. Saving is good but there are certain nuances when it is good and when it is harmful for your financial status.

  • I Don’t Want To Be Over-Strict Anymore

    18.01.2020 by

    I found that I have been so long too strict according to myself that now I need to be a little bit childish to enjoy life fully. I need to allow myself to feel happiness without taking into consideration stereotypes and other people point of views.

  • Why Some People Are Double-Faced?

    16.01.2020 by

    We met them everywhere. Some of us even were them in particular situations. Who are double-faced people? And why they became such? Double-faced people are those who tend to say one thing and do another. They are insincere and it is impossible to believe them. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand whether your best friend is true or whether it is his or her “second face”. I think there are several reasons why people become double-faced.

  • 5 Reasons on Why You Should Conquer Your Fears

    14.01.2020 by

    Fear is an unpleasant emotion which can be caused by the threat of pain or danger. All we are afraid of something as it is said: “each person has its own rats in the attic”. I also have some fears. For example, I am afraid of altitude, darkness and sometimes water. Not exactly water, I am afraid of being drowned due to bad experience in the past.

  • Allow Yourself to Dream Globally

    12.01.2020 by

    Talking about my life experience, it is possible to define me as the person from rags to riches. I am the girl who moved to big city from the small village and stay there to get succeed. As such I can easily draw a line between successful people and those who can only dream about success.

  • Causes of Misfortune

    10.01.2020 by

    It would be so nice to be fortunate all the time. But, misfortunes meet us on the way to success and do not ask us whether we are ready for them. Nobody likes misfortunes. So many businesses were closed due to them. People give up and never turn back to their dreams. What are the causes of misfortune? What makes us to feel such low self-esteem? And the main question “why?

  • Why It Is Essential To Be Flexible?

    09.01.2020 by

    Nowadays, flexibility is an essential quality for anybody who wants to change a life in a better way. Being flexible means to be able to adapt to the situation and easily overcome obstacles. In my opinion, flexibility is a key to spiritual growth. It helps to fight ignorance and see life from the different sides, in its turn having a full picture of the situation.

  • How to Become More Patient?

    08.01.2020 by

    Patience is one of the main keys to success. Many people give up before their businesses are going to get succeed. When you put a lot of efforts into something, it is okay that you also want a quick result. But usually, it does not work like that, and it is essential to wait and develop such quality as patience. What should you know to become more patient?

  • What Is Wealth And How To Receive It?

    07.01.2020 by

    We want to be wealthy for different reasons. First of all, it allows living the life we want. Secondly, it helps to fulfil our goals and desires. Many people strive for being wealthy all life but cannot find the way how to do it. So how to become wealthy and find your own way to success?

  • 5 Tips On How To Improve Erudition

    06.01.2020 by

    The dictionary meaning of the word “erudition” is the quality of having or showing great knowledge or learning; scholarship. Being erudite plays a significant role in life. First of all, interesting information reveals different sides of life and make it more engaging. Secondly, if you are erudite, other people respect you for your knowledge and prefer to spend time with you because they can be inspired by your knowledge and motivate yourselves to be more informed.

  • Helpful or Annoying?

    06.01.2020 by

    Do you want to help other people and have you been in the situation when your help was not appreciated? If yes, this article can be useful for you. A desire to help is an amazing human quality, however, it seems that some people do not appreciate it and do not accept it. So, what is the difference between being helpful and annoying? Let’s see.

  • Do it with Passion!

    03.01.2020 by

    All people want to be wealthy. However, not all people understand that material wealth is the resemblance of your soul wealth. To get something you need to give something to other people and the whole universe. Life is a cycle of energy exchange. To… Read more

  • What does it mean to be a Charismatic Person?

    02.01.2020 by

    Charisma, charisma, charisma…What does it mean to be a charismatic person? Is it inborn ability or you can develop it? Firstly, let’s define what it means to be a charismatic person. According to the dictionary, charisma is a special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to influence other people and attract their attention and admiration. So, who is a charismatic person?

  • 5 Tips on How to Become Attractive Woman

    01.01.2020 by

    Many women confuse words “attractive” and “pretty”. To find out how to become attractive, let’s define what means to be “attractive” and what means to be “pretty”. In the dictionary it is said, attractive is very pleasing in appearance or sound or someone causing interest or pleasure. While pretty is pleasant to look at. So, attractive has more complex meaning, it is not only your appearance, it is something deeper, that makes you to be a magnet for other people. If you want to become attractive woman, follow these simple tips:

  • Don’t be so serious. Take it easy!

    31.12.2019 by

    We all set plans, goals and try to achieve success. It is amazing because it makes life better, easier and more comfortable. However, some people are so serious about achieving their goals, that they forget about the main aim of why they set these goals. They are so preoccupied with goals and work so they forget that the main aim was to make life easier and happier.

  • Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Creativity

    30.12.2019 by

    Being creative means to be unique. Nowadays, creativity is highly valuable and many people want to be imaginative and creative. It makes us outstanding. Creativity is the energy that moves us to create something new, something that can inspire other people. Creativity makes people to be famous and wealthy. Do you want to be creative? If yes, simply follow these simple tips to boost your creativity.

  • What does it mean to love yourself?

    28.12.2019 by

    When I was a child, my mom has always told me, love yourself and other people will love you. Now I understand how she was right. If you love yourself, you are indestructible. If you love yourself, you accept both positive and negative aspects of your character, and no one criticism can hurt you. So, what does it mean to love yourself?

  • Is it okay to be aggressive? What is healthy aggression?

    26.12.2019 by

    On the way to spiritual growth, I have always been considering how it is essential to be good with others and show only positive aspects of my character. I tried to be good even if other people treated me aggressively and then I felt offended. I could not understand why people behave like that and the feeling of offence was ruining me from the inside.

  • Blogging Is One Of The Best Tools for Introvert

    09.11.2019 by

    Introvert is somebody who prefers a calm environment and does not like emotional stimulation. Such people tend to feel depleted after socializing and recapture their vitality by spending time alone. Typically to a great extent since introverts’ brains react to dopamine in an unexpected way than extroverts’ brains. Every person needs personal fulfilment, and if you are an introvert, you know how difficult to realize your potential in the world full of extroverts, who strive for getting energy outside rather than finding it in the inner world.

  • 5 Signs of Spiritual Healer

    03.11.2019 by

    Spiritual healing in the process of making other people healthy without medicine or any other material things. In this article I would like to tell you how did I understand that I am a healer and maybe you will find in my words yourself. That is to say, for me, this is a big step in my life cause I am sure that you can understand what I am writing about.

  • Energy System: 7 Chakras

    25.10.2019 by

    Chakra means “wheel” and it relates to the astral energy of a person. The body of a person can be compared with a channel where energy is flowing. That is to say, the state of chakras has a significant influence on how a person… Read more

  • Why Books Are Better Than Films?

    25.10.2019 by

    In the era of technological breakthrough, popularity of films is growing. Film is an important art which helps people to investigate culture of other nations, and find more about specific area of interest. This is the way we can expand our worldview. As such, why do we need books? Is it better to watch film and save time? I can say there are a number of reasons for you not to throw away books and go to the nearest library and chose one to read.

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