Do Not Wait For A Prince. Become a Princess

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”


What is a woman’s happiness? Being a woman I have been always wished to be a happy woman. I thought it means to be beloved by a husband or boyfriend and as such to be happy. One of the most desirable issues for a woman is to have this woman’s happiness. As such, there are a lot of stereotypes with this notion which cannot allow YOU to be happy if you still do not understand them.

Who Is Responsible For Your Happiness?

Think about who is responsible for your happiness? And now think will you allow someone to take responsibility for your life? Approving it, you should understand that if someone is responsible for your happiness, this person is also responsible for your unhappiness, because YOU give this person this right.

Take responsibility for your own happiness. Stop blaming others that they make you unhappy. Only YOU are responsible for your emotions and responses. Only YOU are the one who truly want to make YOU happy. Am I right? And only YOU can do it in the best manner.

What Does It Mean To Take Responsibility On Own Happiness?

The first and the most important rule are to be reconciled to a fact that you can be wrong. Very often people are looking for someone who is wrong and never accept the idea that they can be such people. Your failures and your unhappiness is only the outcome of your wrong affirmations, thoughts and actions. Be ready to change it, be flexible.

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