What Is Kundalini? My Personal Experience (Part 1)

In terms of Sanscrit, Kundalini is an energy that arises from the spine and is given to every person since his or her birth. Basically, Kundalini rarely becomes activated as soon as this energy reveals a big power which significantly changes the life of the person.

Sometimes, it can be revealed in a dangerous situation. But, in most cases, it is reached by Kundalini Yoga or due to significant spiritual progress received in past lives. If the person is not ready for it but tries to awaken this energy it can be even harmful not only for psychic health but also for the body.

That is to say, I have never practised Kundalini Yoga, but last year I understood that this power was awakened in me. Basically, if Kundalini starts its way from Muladhara to Sahasrara you definitely find a range of symptoms which cannot be compared to anything else. 

My Symptoms

Dream. 1 day before it was awakened I saw a dream. I saw a serpent with the head of a dragon creeping in pipes and burning all around. That is to say, from the very childhood I experienced prophetic dreams, and easily defined the meanings of most of my dreams. I have not known about Kundalini before and did not pay much attention to this dream. But very soon a range of feelings gave me the understanding that something is changing in me. 

Vibration. I started to feel my chakras. I felt pressure in my Agya chakra, and at the same time, I started to see with the help of my inner vision different symbols. Most of these symbols were animals. I saw a tiger, which wanted to say me something. My dreams were brighter. With the opening of this chakra, I obtained inner vision. The number of prophet dreams was increased. 

That is to say, the opening of Anahata chakra was really painful for me. I felt pressure, hot and cold vibrations, something like scratching feelings. I thought I had problems with my heart and was afraid of death. I visited the doctor to check my cardiogram and was surprised by the fact that it was okay. Something was changing in my body and I could not understand “what” exactly.

These feelings were not systematical. Sometimes, I felt quite okay, however, the feelings of vibrations were left. I felt cold vibrations and I felt the hot ones. From my personal experience, I understood what each of these vibrations mean. Hot vibrations are energy which is given to clear aura from different psychological blocks, negative experiences. As such it can be painful. While cold ones are new energy which is substituted by the past one. It is the energy which made me “new”. That is to say, each person can feel it differently. This is only my experience.

Sensitivity. The awakening of Kundalini I understood what it means to be an extra-sensitive. If you want to become a psychic, you should understand that psychics are extra-sensitive people, and it does not only mean to be gnosis, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, but also it relates to your emotions. Before kundalini awakening, tears were rare guests in my life. I could cry only if something bad happened. Now, I feel many situations in my life much deeper than previously. I can cry out because of being happy. It made me much sincere. I feel a deep love for all human beings and strive for making other people lives better. It is like a new birth where all emotions are felt differently. It seems like I was asleep and now I am awakened… 

Writing this post is a challenge because not everyone in my circle of friends feels the same. Hope it is interesting information for you. If you like it, leave your comment. I would be glad to find people who feel something similar.

These are not all symptoms I felt, so My Kundalini story will be continued…

4 Comments on “What Is Kundalini? My Personal Experience (Part 1)

  1. Wow that’s fascinating, I have heard about Kundalini before but never actually knew what it was until this post, thanks for sharing your experience🙏🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is only my personal experience. I think each person can feel it differently. 🙂 Also these are not all symptoms. I will share more in the future. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂


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