I Don’t Want To Be Over-Strict Anymore

“Seriousness is too boring to the playful human condition. A heart of stone that has a long face can never express love.” 

Michael Bassey Johnson

I found that I have been so long too strict according to myself that now I need to be a little bit childish to enjoy life fully. I need to allow myself to feel happiness without taking into consideration stereotypes and other people point of views.

What Is Your “True Nature”?

You never understand your “true nature” if you live according to the rules of your parents, friends and other. Set your rules in life. Or even, don’t set them at all. Enjoy every moment and experience the full range of emotions.
It is okay to be happy and angry.

It is okay to be sad and delighted. It is even okay to be envious. Emotions are given to you to understand your feelings, learn something new about yourself and become a better version of yourself.

Today you are sad, but tomorrow you are the happiest person in the universe. Now you are poor but tomorrow you are rich. It is a game. If you know these rules, you accept negative moments because you know that you must become stronger and be the one you are required by God.

What Does It Mean To Be Childish?

The main aim of each person is to be a child as long as it is possible. Children are sincere. They easily accept negativity and proceed with their play. They are sincere in their emotions and open to the whole world. They are positive and radiate pleasant vibrations to the whole world.

Why not remind ourselves how is it to be childish? Why not be surprised with something new in life and ask yourself “why it happens like that?” more often?

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