Why Some People Are Double-Faced?

“Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.”


We met them everywhere. Some of us even were them in particular situations. Who are double-faced people? And why they became such? Double-faced people are those who tend to say one thing and do another. They are insincere and it is impossible to believe them. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand whether your best friend is true or whether it is his or her “second face”. I think there are several reasons why people become double-faced.

Double-Faced Person Does Not Know What Self Love Is

The person, who knows what self-love is, is sincere. No matter what other people think about him or her. This one enjoys life and is open to the world. It is a self-sufficient person. If the person is self-sufficient, he or she is not looking for someone’s acceptance and love. It is enough only to live and enjoy life for this person. So, there is no reason to be double-faced.

Double-Faced Person Has Negative Experience

I think people become double-faced because they have some negative experience in past and can’t let it off. Sometimes life can be so rude, but it does not mean that you should wear a mask. If you stay yourself even after difficult moments, you are powerful. You can do everything. Don’t lose this power and be sincere.

We often judge people for their behaviour, but we do not know what the reason for such behaviour was. Instead of blaming someone, ask “why you behave in such a way”. Try to understand. We all need some love and kindness. And most of our bad features are only the resemblance of psychological traumas in past.

4 Comments on “Why Some People Are Double-Faced?

  1. I agree with you. Most people I know are double faced. They lack self love. Everything they do is mainly to maintain their outer appearances, but inside they are very different.

    You have some good and insightful articles on your blog.. great to meet you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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