Causes of Misfortune

It would be so nice to be fortunate all the time. But, misfortunes meet us on the way to success and do not ask us whether we are ready for them. Nobody likes misfortunes. So many businesses were closed due to them. People give up and never turn back to their dreams. What are the causes of misfortune? What makes us to feel such low self-esteem? And the main question “why?

Basically, I believe that our life is a process of learning. We came here to learn. And want it or not, learning is impossible without misfortunes. In childhood, we are parented in the carrot and stick approach. And it is quite similar.

As a result, there are two main causes of misfortunes. The first cause of misfortune is a lesson. To become somebody we need to learn something before. Sometimes, these lessons are so difficult and it is impossible to understand what it can teach.

We lose close people, we lose work and businesses. And, it is not understandable “why”? But life teach you the main leassons, they are patience and acceptance. It can teach you that all is temporary and you should understand and accept it.

Another cause of misfortune is balance. It is closely connected with the previous cause but it has a slight difference. Life is not good or bad, it is wise. It is wise because it is balanced. If you long period of time is fortunate, it changes your worldview, you forget about who is “true you”.

To remind your nature you need to feel both fortune and misfortune because you are like a nature, you are yin yang and you should be in the unison with life. Only, in such a way you can understand all the wisdom and learn all essential lessons.

5 Comments on “Causes of Misfortune

  1. Great post! I’ve suffered from misfortune in my past and struggled to understand the reason behind it, but it’s sometimes only once we are through a lesson and have learned from it that we actually discover how valuable it was 🙂

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