Helpful or Annoying?

Stop being too helpful. It will lead you to be helpless some day.

Faded Feelings.

Do you want to help other people and have you been in the situation when your help was not appreciated? If yes, this article can be useful for you. A desire to help is an amazing human quality, however, it seems that some people do not appreciate it and do not accept it. So, what is the difference between being helpful and annoying? Let’s see.

Being helpful means to be ready to give help, while being annoying means irritating. So, if you want to help someone you should be ready to give your help when it is needed. If you gave your piece of advice once and it was not appreciated, leave it, you will never help this person in such a way.

Each person is unique, and if you have a different point of view it is okay. Sometimes, it is difficult to accept the fact that dear person for you does not understand you, because he or she does not want to follow your recommendations.

But, you should understand that your recommendations are always based on your personal experience, so it can be inappropriate for another person with another life experience. As such, if you want to be helpful don’t dictate and force this person to act according to your directions. In such a case, you only create unhealthy relationships between both of you.  

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