Who is a Successful Person?

“The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything”

Theodore Roosevelt

What is the reality of success? The reality is such that success rarely is an easy way. Success is an abstract notion and for everyone, it differs. No matter what is it, money, love, knowledge, travelling etc. Everyone has own vision of it. And unfortunately, most people stay in this visionary and never come close to their dream in reality. So, what makes a person successful?

Strong will. As I mentioned above, success is rarely an easy path. On the way to success people always face obstacles and only people with a strong will can overcome them. Life always check whether you deserve what you want and if it is not about you yet, it gives you lessons to make you worthy of your vision.

Belief. While achieving your goal you need to have abiding faith in your successful future. If you are young and you haven’t shown big results in anything before, people, especially your relatives and friends will be hesitating about your ideas and it can destroy your determination.

Desire to learn. No matter what is your aim, you should be always ready to accept new knowledge. Information rules the world. Even if you don’t show results yet, you should never give up in learning something new about your goal because new information can help you to change something if it is needed.

Flexibility. Instead of giving up, a successful person always seeks new ways to reach goals. Being flexible means that you can easily to start again and again with new ideas and be indestructible on the way to success.

This is my vision of a successful person. Do you agree? What do you think, who is a successful person or what makes a person successful?

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