What Does It Mean To Be A Wise Person?

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Wisdom cannot be compared to knowledge, it is the inner feeling of balance. A wise man is the one who stays in balance. It is a person who is the artist of own life, and the one who understands the rules of life. Do you think you are a wise person?

What defines the person to be wise?

You understand rules of universe. What does it mean to understand the rules of life? The simplest indicator of it, is that you never ask yourself: “why is it happening to me?”, or “what have I done to deserve this?”. You understand that all that you have now it the resemblance of your thoughts and actions in past. 

You appreciate any experience. You understand that the main aim of life is an experience. Money and fame are not so appealing to you. Instead, you are looking for something eternal. And you understand that only wisdom is eternal. No matter what experience you get in life, positive or negative. You accept both sides of life because you understand that you can experience life fully only coming through all the necessary lessons.

Life is engaging to you. Some people say, old souls or we can also name them wise souls are tired of life and it cannot be appealing for them as for young souls. It happens when they find the difference between them and other people. Such state can be compared with apathy and depression. Because they think they are alone. But it is not. Such state is only a bridge which can lead a wise to a new life, the life full of simple but enganing things. The main aim is only to come through this bridge.

Wisdom is endless. To be wise means to understand that wisdom is like the universe. It is endless. The more you understand, the more is unrevealed to you. A wise one is inspired. Inspiration moves you to find more. You want to experience science and art, you want to know people and animals, physical and spiritual. You want to know yourself…

Find something about yourself? What are you criterias of a wise man?

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