Tongue As An Indicator of Health

Our body is the whole organism where every organ depends on another. Nature gave us an opportunity to have a map of our illnesses and this map is our tongue. The colour and form of this muscle can define you what is wrong with your health and what should you do to improve it. So, before you go to a doctor you can see what your tongue looks like and define the potential problems.

The normal colour of tongue is pink. This colour says you that you are okay and your body health is normal. However, if there are other colours on your tongue, you should be careful because you may have some problems with health:

Red. Lack of vitamin B;

Purple. Problems with heart and circulation of blood;

Blue. Poor oxygen circulation, which can be caused by problems with lung or kidney;

Yellow. Can be caused by smoking, however, psoriasis and jaundice can also affect such appearance of your tongue;

Grey. Problems with a stomach, digestive issues, eczema or peptic ulcers;

White. It can be caused by an excessive number of toxins in your body;

Brown. Smoking;

Black. Poor oral hygiene, diabetes and hairy black tongue condition.

However, don’t be so frustrated if you find your tongue of abnormal colour, sometimes it can be caused by what you ate or drink.

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