Why Do We Live In An Era Of Information?

Information is everywhere. Internet, TV, radio, advertisements, newspapers, billboards…and the main source of information is people. We like sponges absorb all that we are given and unfortunately even without having an intention to receive it.

The world is moving so fast, so it is so difficult to become accustomed to it. Even wars become informational. That is why it is so difficult to be the artist of own life without having a conscious approach to absorbing information and knowledge.

We live in an era of information because we need to learn what information is necessary for us and what is not. Briefly, the main lesson in this era for humanity is becoming conscious. Without being focused and analyzing life, a person becomes similar to a robot. And in the very close future, it will be difficult to compete with robots for such people. The main difference between robots and people is consciousness. And if people do not learn how to be consciousness, what differentiates them from robots?

Always think about what you want. Do not allow anybody to dictate you how to live, where to study, what job to choose and when to become pregnant. Your life is in your hands. This is your way, your lessons and your personal picture which you are painting.

Do not become similar to robots. You are not a robot. And only you can choose how to live because nobody can be in your shoes…

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