What Is Common Ground Between You and Air-Balloon?

All living beings and things which have mass or energy gravitate toward each other. Gravitation is the natural phenomenon which was proved by science. We observe the process of gravitation constantly in our life. But if to consider more philosophical about this process, we can notice a lot of interesting issues.

Gravitation is also a part of energy flow. If you are falling, the sequence of situations in your life will appear to make you fall faster. Exactly, it is always said: “Misfortunes never come alone”.

But, if you decide to go up, it will be difficult for you to move upper especially at the beginning. We are like air-balloons, air balloon is moving up with the help of hot air, and we can move further only if we have a motivation. The motivation here is an instrument which can help us in the fight with obstacles which try to flood our desires.

Such “energy gravity” requires patience. If you have such quality as patience, you can become a lord of this natural power. Take actions, analyze and learn how to wait.

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