What Is Psychosomatics?

‘Psyche‘ means mind and ‘soma’ means body, so psychosomatics disorder is an illness which involves not only the body but mind. It means that relation between thoughts and illness are really close. Thoughts can influence a physical disorder, and physical state can influence mind.

There are 3 main types of psychosomatic illness:

  1. An individual has both mental and physical ailment, whose symptoms complexify each other.
  2. An individual who encounters mental issues due to the restorative condition and its treatment. For illustration, patients feeling discouraged since they have cancer and are taking treatment for it.
  3. Somatoform disorder. It could be a condition in which an individual with mental sickness encounters one or more physical symptoms, even if he or she does not have any related restorative condition.

Having analyzed these 3 types of psychosomatic conditions, it is seen that the primary illness of humanity is “a wrong thought” and weak will. As I have mentioned previously, our physical body is not a single body what we have.

Generally, a person has 7 bodies, and each layer significantly influences each other. Psychosomatics is the example of how our etheric layer influence on the physical one. They are so close and the only harmony between them can make a person healthy. Proper mood and desire to live can change physical state. There are so many examples of people who recovered themselves with the power of mind. They have a unique peculiarity and it was strong wish to live, they were not focused on diseases they were focused on life.

Positive thoughts are a miraculous source of life…”

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