Month: November 2019

Why is it important to be honest with yourself?

Lie#1 FInding a guilty person.
Lie#2 Nothing is working for me.
Lie#3 This is my fate.

How To Become More Confident?

Love your soul first, and then change the reality.

How to Overcome Language Barrier

Be ready to make mistakes, because everyone did it, and you are not “stupid” as you may consider, this is only a part of learning.

How Thoughts Form Our Reality

Wanna improve your life? Read my new blog post,…

How Not To Be Pressured by Having Own Business

Having own business is an amazing opportunity which helps to obtain the desired life, fulfil own ideas and make your wishes come true. By having own business, you can’t do anything and have money. The business allows having a lot of free time which…