Is It Possible To Become a Psychic? Or Is It Inborn Ability?

A person has an aura which consists of 7 layers and to become a psychic it is essential to develop Astral Bridge Layer, the fourth layer of the aura. Most people have good developed 2 first layers, etheric and emotional and it means that their thoughts are focused on their emotions, material wealth and ways of survivability.

Psychic is a person who can use extrasensory perception to receive information. The most frequent skills of a psychic are gnosis, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. Some people believe in psychics others prefer more scientific approaches to receive the necessary information.

Those people who reached the 3d Mental layer are good in intellectual development. Most scientists have a good developed mental layer of the aura. As such, scientists cannot understand psychics. However, they have the main common aim, to investigate the universe.

Development of 4 layers allows you to investigate astral plane. Starting with this development, the person see symbols and visions. Understanding it gives a psychic an incredible tool, he or she can see past and future. Extrasensory ability is given but the most important on this level is to learn how to use it. To become a professional psychic it is important not to stop development and improve own visionary skills.

Some people born having good developed Astral Bridge Layer because in past lives they have developed it. As such even if you are not a psychic now, it is possible to develop your Astral Bridge Layer with the help of meditation and strong ability to elicit your inner power in this incarnation.

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