7 Aura Layers

We are not only what we see. It is only possible to see the physical body. The body which we can perceive with our sense organs. We are not the only organism. We have consciousness. And in this article, you will find out how much bodies the person possess.

Etheric Layer

10-50 millimetres to the physical body. This is the first layer which goes after physical body. It has a higher level of vibration than the physical body but less vibrating than the other six bodies. This layer relates to our physical state and health condition. A person who has already started seeing aura see this layer foremost. Colours: grey, blue. Chakra: Muladhara.

Emotional Layer

The name of this layer aligned with its meaning. Emotional layer relates to the emotions of the person. It has all colours of the rainbow and is visible 25-75 millimetres beyond the physical body. Chakra: Swadhisthana

Mental Layer

Mental body relates to ego of the person, its thoughts and judgements. The color of this layer is yellow. Chakra: Manipura.

Astral Bridge Layer

Astral layer is the fourth body of person. It is the bridge between lower 3 layers and higher 3 layers. The development of this layer plays significant role in the spiritual growth, because astral layer enables person to be a channel of high vibrations. It is primary spiritual layer. It is 30-45 cantimetres beyond human body. It looks chaotic. It is also a bridge to the astral plane and allows person to become a healer. Chakra: Anahata

Etheric Template Layer

45-60 cantimetres beyond human body. It has close relation to our throat and how we speak. It is one of the high vibration layers which can show what illneses person have. It is possible to see this layer as a negative of a photo or blueprint. Chakra: Vishudha

Celestial Layer

Enlightment may happen only in case of development this layer. This body functions with the openning of the “third eye”. Intuition and wisdom is what can be received with the development of this layer. It is quite difficult to see it because it looks like shimmering of pastel colors. Chakra: Agya.

Spiritual or Causal Layer

Spiritual Layer is the place where our collective consciousness lives. Reaching this layer is extremely desirable for any yog. It allows to receive information from your past and find out own karma, why you came here. It is 2-3 feet beyond human body. It has the most frequent vibration and can be seen in gold color. Chakra: Sahrasrara.

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