Wanna Be Rich? But Are You Ready For It?

Money, money, money….how it is exciting to have plenty of it. You may buy all that you want, travel, be the owner of desirable apartments and drive expensive cars. You can strive for being wealthy a long period of time, but nothing is going right while other people become wealthy in minutes winning a lottery or getting heritage. It looks extremely unfair. But…

Universe know what is fair even if it does not look like this. All that happen with you is experience. Your soul came here to get the necessary experience for its further evolution. Some people needs to come through wealth and others need to come through poverty to learn necessary lessons.

Many people who become wealthy in minutes go out of mind, other tosses away it in a short period of time. For example, when your budget next month increases on 100%, your mind will definitely be excited and your thoughts will go around this sum, whether to waste it or invest or help relatives…etc. And the one reason for it, you are not ready for such sum yet. Be focused on your goals, visualize but don’t create excessive potential around you. Let the universe create your life of dream.

Remember, money is energy, and if your energy channel was slim during a long period of time, receiving plenty of it can “smother” you. The best way to become wealthy when it goes step by step in a moderate temp. You become accustomed to it and your mind is ready to become wealthier.

Do you feel pressure when your profit is extremely increasing?

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