How To Cope With Apathy?

Apathy is a state that you know about. In the world overwhelmed with information and necessity to follow many standards to become successful, such state of mind is an extremely frequent issue. The dictionary states that Apathy is a lack of interest or enthusiasm. It is a horrible state when you live but you are not alive. Don’t confuse apathy and laziness. Laziness is a state of a person who in general don’t want to improve own life and prefer to stay in its comfort zone. While apathy very often is a reloading of inner powers and is necessary when you are long over your goal.

Those people who are extremely enthusiastic about some ideas, and strive for it a long period can end up with apathy. You are not a robot, you are a person. You are living being with its emotions, feelings and thoughts. It is difficult to stay in balance especially if you pay a lot of energy to something. No matter what emotions do you have, positive or negative. Emotions are energy, and if you wasted a lot of energy, it needs to be balanced.

Stop blaming yourself for laziness, maybe you only need a fresh start and it requires some time. The more you blame yourself the more time you need to reload your powers. Keep calm and relax, it is the best way to cope with apathy and reach harmony again. 

People are so different, but they have one problem, they do not know the golden mean. Those who are goal-oriented and enthusiastic, work without weekends, while others do not want to do anything. Apathy and laziness have common reason and it is an imbalance of inner powers. In the first example, the person forget about own soul and strive for money without any breaks. While in the other example the person forgets about to live in the real world and prefer its comfort zone. 

Happiness is the ability to find balance. If you are overwhelmed with work, delegate your powers or take only that workload you can cope with. If you find yourself lazy, stand up of your coach and make some exercises, it can help you to fire up a spark of energy and it will be easier for you to start doing something.

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