Who is an empath? 5 signs of an empathetic person

Empath is like a mirror, it is a person who can deeply feel the emotions and pain of other people. It is a gift, but in most cases, it is highly difficult to be an empath. Any interaction with people give you a certain experience which is taken from the understanding of what a person is feeling. It is one of the biggest gifts because you receive the most important for the evolution of your soul, you receive experience. But on the other hand, it is difficult because you are a highly sensitive person and frequently you can find yourself in stress and depressive states. So what are these 5 signs that indicate you to be an empath?

You feel the emotions of people as they are your own. If somebody enters a room with horrible mood, you feel it and often ask “What happened?”, “Why are you so angry?”. On the other hand, you can also feel positive emotions and if someone near you is excited you can also feel it and share your ideas and thoughts about it.

You are a good advisor. People feel an empath, and if you are an empath you know that many people are telling you secrets, life stories in order to find support from you. And what is most interesting, there is no matter whether these people are your friends, very often even strangers tell you their painful stories. It happens because of your open heart to humanity. 

You are a good listener. Listening is one of the most difficult abilities for people. Each person strives for self-representation, and in order to do it, they use speech. Very often, people talk extremely a lot, so it seems like this one is a person with low self-esteem and is afraid to stop talking. Listening is one of the most important tools which helps to reach a common understanding and create a dialogue between people. Empath is able to listen and after analyzing information this one gives a piece of advice which goes from the soul.

You can feel the physical pain of other people. Basically, empaths feel emotions of people but there are such types of empaths who can feel physical pain. It feels like acute pulsatile pain in the same location. Frequently, empaths receive this gift in order to become healers and such ability helps to define a location where healing energy is needed.

You don’t like big companies and crowded places. Due to the ability to feel the emotions and physical pain of other people, an overcrowded place can be a real stress for an empath. You can find yourself in stress by a feeling of what is going on around you.

*** Have you found yourself an empath? 

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