What is Consciousness?

Osho said: “Consciousness is your nature, while the mind is a circumference created by the society around you, the culture and your education“. Meditation is a process which first of all teaches you to calm down your mind and be concentrated on something. You may say…oh that is so easy! And this is not so easy at all. Try to calm down your mind for 2-3 minutes, and you will be surprised how difficult it is.

The nature of mind is to think, and older you become the more anxious mind you have. You may ask why? The mind is continuously thinking about the past or future, and if you have more life experience there is a wider range of situations which mind takes for consideration. I don’t think that consideration about the past or future is bad. In some cases, it helps to find a way and receive essential qualities.

However, this is crucial not to be focused on what you are doing now. For example, if you are reading a book and at the same time, you are in clouds. Is there any use of this book for you? Or another situation, you come across the street and think about your plans, you don’t see cars, you are the one who can cause an accident on the road.

As such, it is essential to be focused on what you are doing now. Being conscious means to be at the right time, to be here and not in the clouds. For most people who have spiritual practices, being conscious remains to be one of the difficult practices. It is possible to stay focused on meditation, but it is extremely difficult to stay conscious in real life.

Your memory also depends on consciousness. The more focused you are, the better the memory you have. There is no sense to strive to know everything. It is essential to remember what you are doing now because our actions today form our experience and make us more intelligent and wiser for the future. 

To practice consciousness, you need to remember about it all the time. And as soon as you are distracted, try to be focused on the situation which is going now. If you go on the street, pay attention to people, buildings, cars to what is going outside. Or if you are watching a film, be focused on actors, scenes and the atmosphere of the plot. Hope this information is useful for you!

***Are you conscious enough? What do you do to be more focused?

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