Why is it important to be honest with yourself?

Ask yourself: what is your life like? Is it happiness and harmony or is it survivance? Those people who think that they survive here often use a lot of methods for it and lie is the best tool for a survivor. No matter who is he or she lying to. You may lie to anyone but the most important to be honest with yourself. Sometimes it is so easy to get entangled in own lie. And the trap of such situation is that you lose yourself, you are no more You. You are a liar.

Lie#1 FInding a guilty person. No matter what conflict situation are you trapped in. If you are looking for a guilty person, someone who spoiled your life, you will never come across this situation. Truth is that both parts of conflict are guilty. And even you. Be strong enough to think about yourself as someone who can be the reason of conflict situation. Problems are in both opponents.

Lie#2 Nothing is working for me. There is something that works for you. The truth is that you pay little attention to your problem. Be fair enough to avow yourself that you are lazy. If you can’t find work, build a career or develop your business, the only true reason is that you are lazy. Don’t for yourself. Yes for some people it takes less time to get succeed but those big leaders who received fabulous success were honest with yourselves. They saw truth even if it was painful for them.

Lie#3 This is my fate. I believe in fate but I do not believe that people are obliged to be in negative emotions and situations. I see fate as situations which appear in our life to overcome it and get sufficient experience to move further. Some people say “this is my fate”, and very often I heard it from people who are victims in relationships. Remember your fate is to find happiness and if you are not doing it you go against your fate and do not see what God is offering you. 

Being honest with yourself is an extremely important factor for those people who are looking for self-development and want find yourself. Don’t go away from the way which is your predestination. 

***Have you been wrong with yourself? What did it be the situation?

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