How To Become More Confident?

Confidence is the ability of being certain about own abilities. Lack of confidence can destroy the life of any person. People who are lack of confidence prefer staying at home alone closing doors to their souls in front of any who are trying to open it. As such, non-confident people cannot satisfy own needs and see life in all its colours. Instead of it, they always hesitate about own abilities and can’t be concentrated on what is going on outside of their minds.

Do you feel non-confidence? If your answer is yes, please stop do it. No matter who made you feel in such way. They do not have a right to make you so depressed. You are unique, and even if you think you are not beautiful, smart, wealth etc. The power is in your hands, you can change your reality because you are powerful enough. But before changing this reality, ask yourself: “Is it worth of it?” Maybe you should look at the mirror and see what is beautiful? If you don’t like your body and weight, please don’t start losing weight with negative thoughts. The body is a temple of your soul, and it should be beautiful but what if your soul is placed into negative thoughts?

Love your soul first, and then change the reality. If you start changing yourself with love in heart, it would be quite better than to do it with hate. Only then, you will be happy with new results, because you know that you do it for “dear you”, who are the best and the most important person in your life.

Do not compare yourself with other people. And don’t allow them to do the same. Each one has its way. No matter who is smarter or more beautiful. You came here to receive experience and wisdom. You are not only body or mind, but you are first of all a living being. You have feelings and emotions. You have consciousness. We all are equal.

***Are you self-confident? What are your pros and cons?

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