How to Overcome Language Barrier

The language barrier is inability to use the second language due to psychological issues such as fear of mistakes, looking stupid or embarrassment. We live in social world and communication plays a significant role because it helps to share views, realize ideas and reach goals. A person who is studying a second foreign language can find it difficult to communicate.

English is my second language and when I was a teacher of English, I have met a lot of people who had good vocabulary and grammar knowledge but it was difficult for them to speak, as soon as they were afraid to make mistakes. So, if you are a learner of the second language and want start to speak, you should know that without practice and mistakes, it is impossible to learn speaking.

Make Mistakes. Mistakes are an inevitable part of learning and all people who have been studying the second language made them. Even if you see someone who has excellent knowledge of the foreign language and speak it fluently, you should know that this one also had a period of worries but he or she overcame it to reach own goal. Be ready to make mistakes, because everyone did it, and you are not “stupid” as you may consider, this is only a part of learning.

Watch Films. Films are a good way to listen to the communication of foreigners. If you are afraid yet to speak, watch films to listen to how actors are speaking. You can also excerpt some useful phrases which can help you in your process speaking.

You Should Know Expletive Words. While you are learning a language, your speaking is not excellent. You can forget words and phrases and it is quite normal. When you started to learn speaking, you can face the problem of silence which appears when you forget something. And it can be awkward situations especially when you are talking with a foreigner. To avoid it, learn expletive words. They can help you to avoid silence and when you saying expletive words you may take time to recall in your memory forgotten words or phrases needed for conversation.

Studying languages is not an easy process, but it is extremely useful. And every person studies them to reach own goals. Some people adore travelling and want to feel comfortable abroad; others study it for career goals. You may feel awkwardness while studying language, but you are powerful enough to overcome it. Hope my recommendations will be useful for you and your communication impress many foreigners.

***Do you feel language barrier? And what are your ways to overcome it?

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