5 Signs of Spiritual Healer

Spiritual healing in the process of making other people healthy without medicine or any other material things. In this article I would like to tell you how did I understand that I am a healer and maybe you will find in my words yourself. That is to say, for me, this is a big step in my life cause I am sure that you can understand what I am writing about.

Most Of the People Don’t Understand What Are You Talking About. As soon as you feel that you can heal other people with the help of divine energy, you are so inspired with it and want to tell all your close people about your impressions. However, as soon as you start talking about your feelings you may face with non-understanding and raised eyebrows.

You Are Sensitive To Energy. All the world is energy and it is always vibrating. People are so unconscious so that they not only feel it but even can’t identify own pain and illnesses. You can feel your chakras. It can be feelings of vibration, it can be also a sense of cold or warm air in chakras or body like “energy swirls”. It means that you are a channel for divine energy and it is flowing through you. These swirls are balancing your chakras, revealing old “psychological blocks” and healing your physical body.

You can “read other people”. What does it mean “to read people”. Of course, this meaning is figurative. To read people means to feel them. For example, when you see a person at the first time, you can feel whether this person is good or bad. You can also identify what chakra is leading in his or her aura. Apart from, if you are a healer you may find out deep psychological problems of this person and help with it.

People open hearts to you. Healers have good balanced and open Anahata Chakra and it means that other people like to be in your biofield. They feel unconsciously that you can give them a piece of advice and you may face with such a situation that even strangers unburden their hearts to you and tell you their secrets and painful life stories in order to find support and be cured.

You Can See Aura. Aura is the human energy field. You can see it as a coloured emanation or if this gift is only appearing you may see it as a transparent emanation. Such ability is very helpful for a spiritual healer. It helps to identify blocks, illnesses easier. Most of healers may see malefic with the help of such ability.

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