How to start spiritual growth?

When talking about spirituality, many people associate it with magic, psychics, spirits or something what is out of reality. Spirituality is the power of your soul and inner world. The more powerful your soul is, the more powerful are you. Everyone wants to be strong spiritually and be able to cope with any situations in life. However, spiritual growth is not easy, it is worth it, as soon as in life there are two states: degradation and evolution and each soul have a strong wish to evolutionize.

So, how to start this spiritual growth and evolutionize? Many people can consider that it is essential to practice meditation, calm down mind and investigate the inner world of your soul. They are true. This is an effective way to investigate both the inner world of the soul and the outer world of the universe.

However, I am sure that spiritual growth should start from putting the body in the proper trim. Do you remember this saying “a sound mind in a sound body”? No matter how much time do you dedicate to your inner world, you will never reach harmony and proper spiritual growth without paying attention to your body. Your body is the temple of your soul. And if it is ill your soul cannot be powerful in such temple.

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