Good or “Goodie”?

Do you think that you are good? Maybe you help others, support their ideas, say a good word of people and simply you are the one other people called “good”.

You could be surprised that in most cases such people are not good, they are “goodie”. Goodie is the one who wants others to consider him or her to be good. The helpful one can support and is not conflictive. Yes, this one IS NOT CONFLICTIVE. You may say, so what is the problem, conflict is destructive for human relationships. But you are not overall, in many cases conflict can help people to reach mutual understanding. As such, you should not be afraid to say “no” and demonstrate own arguments even if they are controversial.

If you think that the action of a person may be your friend, boyfriend or parents are wrong, do not be afraid to show your word and be good in truth. Good is the one who has a desire to help even being considered to be a bad and conflictive person. Be sure, the person whose behaviour is wrong can listen to you and your relationships will be even better.

When parents bring up a child they want this child to be “ goodie” at home, in order a child was helpful and cannot go against their ideas, and as they think to keep “harmony” at home. They want a child to be “goodie” at school to be proud of a child. So, you are not a child anymore, do not be a victim in relationships, be strong enough to show your arguments without being afraid to be bad.

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