What Do I Think About Psychics

Probably every person in the world was considering about who is a psychic and each one has own meaning about it. Have you been thinking about it or maybe you think you are a “psychic”? In this article I would like to write about signs of psychic and wanted to admit that this is my point of view and I am not going to convince you.

Psychic does not see the future in his mind like a movie. The paranormal abilities can be represented in different ways. It can be gnosis, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. And all these abilities have different levels of professionalism, depending on time a person dedicated to it. Paranormal perception can be developed in the same manner as other skills, it depends only on the desire of a person to develop it. However, prepossession plays a significan role in its development. A person may have good intuition which always helps to avoid problems in life or helps to find the right direction. Good intuition is one of the gnosis signs and it implies the idea that the person with good intuition can develop gnosis very well.

Dictionary defines “Gnosis” as esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth. I state that gnosis is life wisdom which is received by the evolution of the soul. I believe in reincarnation and think that “old souls” are rewarded with gnosis to help other people become happier and work over their karma faster. Gnosis is an understanding of life rules, and what results can have actions, thoughts, emotions and desires of people in the future.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear what is inaudible and clairvoyance is the ability to see what cannot be seen with the help of eyes. You may ask how can it be possible? Development of extrasensory significantly depends on the development of agya chakra (“third eye”) This is the ability to listen and to see what is going on in “astral” (non-physical realm). The best way to find out whether you have psychic abilities is to go in for meditation, the process of mental relaxation and disposal of thoughts. When feeling deep relaxation, you can ask a question and wait when a clue come to you from your inner space. It can be a picture or word, depending on your prepossession to clairaudience or clairvoyance. Sometimes, pictures can be not understandable and it is normal because the universe is talking with the help of symbols to you.

The professional psychic can easily decipher these symbols and in such a way to see “the future”.

4 Comments on “What Do I Think About Psychics

  1. Being a psychic person all of my life, with frequent precognitive experiences what you say resonates with me. I began to hone my skills when I was in my teens, but I am still interested in learning more at any point.

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    • Really interested in your precognitive experiences. A desire to learn more is an extremely important in spiritual growth, as self development is a continuous process which can open gates to something exciting.

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