What Is Kundalini? My Personal Experience (Part 1)

In terms of Sanscrit, Kundalini is an energy that arises from the spine and is given to every person since his or her birth. Basically, Kundalini rarely becomes activated as soon as this energy reveals a big power which significantly changes the life of the person.

Sometimes, it can be revealed in a dangerous situation. But, in most cases, it is reached by Kundalini Yoga or due to significant spiritual progress received in past lives. If the person is not ready for it but tries to awaken this energy it can be even harmful not only for psychic health but also for the body.

That is to say, I have never practised Kundalini Yoga, but last year I understood that this power was awakened in me. Basically, if Kundalini starts its way from Muladhara to Sahasrara you definitely find a range of symptoms which cannot be compared to anything else. 

My Symptoms

Dream. 1 day before it was awakened I saw a dream. I saw a serpent with the head of a dragon creeping in pipes and burning all around. That is to say, from the very childhood I experienced prophetic dreams, and easily defined the meanings of most of my dreams. I have not known about Kundalini before and did not pay much attention to this dream. But very soon a range of feelings gave me the understanding that something is changing in me. 

Vibration. I started to feel my chakras. I felt pressure in my Agya chakra, and at the same time, I started to see with the help of my inner vision different symbols. Most of these symbols were animals. I saw a tiger, which wanted to say me something. My dreams were brighter. With the opening of this chakra, I obtained inner vision. The number of prophet dreams was increased. 

That is to say, the opening of Anahata chakra was really painful for me. I felt pressure, hot and cold vibrations, something like scratching feelings. I thought I had problems with my heart and was afraid of death. I visited the doctor to check my cardiogram and was surprised by the fact that it was okay. Something was changing in my body and I could not understand “what” exactly.

These feelings were not systematical. Sometimes, I felt quite okay, however, the feelings of vibrations were left. I felt cold vibrations and I felt the hot ones. From my personal experience, I understood what each of these vibrations mean. Hot vibrations are energy which is given to clear aura from different psychological blocks, negative experiences. As such it can be painful. While cold ones are new energy which is substituted by the past one. It is the energy which made me “new”. That is to say, each person can feel it differently. This is only my experience.

Sensitivity. The awakening of Kundalini I understood what it means to be an extra-sensitive. If you want to become a psychic, you should understand that psychics are extra-sensitive people, and it does not only mean to be gnosis, clairaudience, and clairvoyance, but also it relates to your emotions. Before kundalini awakening, tears were rare guests in my life. I could cry only if something bad happened. Now, I feel many situations in my life much deeper than previously. I can cry out because of being happy. It made me much sincere. I feel a deep love for all human beings and strive for making other people lives better. It is like a new birth where all emotions are felt differently. It seems like I was asleep and now I am awakened… 

Writing this post is a challenge because not everyone in my circle of friends feels the same. Hope it is interesting information for you. If you like it, leave your comment. I would be glad to find people who feel something similar.

These are not all symptoms I felt, so My Kundalini story will be continued…

Do Not Save. Invest.

Many people are preoccupied with saving more money. But, I am not sure it is a good way to become richer. Saving is good but there are certain nuances when it is good and when it is harmful for your financial status.

What Is Your Aim?

If you save more than 50% of your salary without aim it does not make sense. Money is energy and it requires having a final point, the sense of why you are saving them. Maybe it can be a new clothing item or something bigger like a new apartment. Maybe you are saving money to invest in your better future? Define your reason for saving money.


Make your money to work for you. You can always make your money to work for you. It is much better for the money energy flow. It can keep alive when it is in movement. If you want to increase your budget, it is essential to consider about investments and owning a business. 

Save Time Not Money

You should refocus your attention on saving your time. Time is the most essential tool you have. Think about how to increase your budget and at the same time how to make yourself free. If you are an owner of a business, think about what duties you can delegate to other professionals. Free time will allow you to think about new ideas for earning more money and become wealthier. 

I Don’t Want To Be Over-Strict Anymore

“Seriousness is too boring to the playful human condition. A heart of stone that has a long face can never express love.” 

Michael Bassey Johnson

I found that I have been so long too strict according to myself that now I need to be a little bit childish to enjoy life fully. I need to allow myself to feel happiness without taking into consideration stereotypes and other people point of views.

What Is Your “True Nature”?

You never understand your “true nature” if you live according to the rules of your parents, friends and other. Set your rules in life. Or even, don’t set them at all. Enjoy every moment and experience the full range of emotions.
It is okay to be happy and angry.

It is okay to be sad and delighted. It is even okay to be envious. Emotions are given to you to understand your feelings, learn something new about yourself and become a better version of yourself.

Today you are sad, but tomorrow you are the happiest person in the universe. Now you are poor but tomorrow you are rich. It is a game. If you know these rules, you accept negative moments because you know that you must become stronger and be the one you are required by God.

What Does It Mean To Be Childish?

The main aim of each person is to be a child as long as it is possible. Children are sincere. They easily accept negativity and proceed with their play. They are sincere in their emotions and open to the whole world. They are positive and radiate pleasant vibrations to the whole world.

Why not remind ourselves how is it to be childish? Why not be surprised with something new in life and ask yourself “why it happens like that?” more often?

Why Some People Are Double-Faced?

“Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.”


We met them everywhere. Some of us even were them in particular situations. Who are double-faced people? And why they became such? Double-faced people are those who tend to say one thing and do another. They are insincere and it is impossible to believe them. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand whether your best friend is true or whether it is his or her “second face”. I think there are several reasons why people become double-faced.

Double-Faced Person Does Not Know What Self Love Is

The person, who knows what self-love is, is sincere. No matter what other people think about him or her. This one enjoys life and is open to the world. It is a self-sufficient person. If the person is self-sufficient, he or she is not looking for someone’s acceptance and love. It is enough only to live and enjoy life for this person. So, there is no reason to be double-faced.

Double-Faced Person Has Negative Experience

I think people become double-faced because they have some negative experience in past and can’t let it off. Sometimes life can be so rude, but it does not mean that you should wear a mask. If you stay yourself even after difficult moments, you are powerful. You can do everything. Don’t lose this power and be sincere.

We often judge people for their behaviour, but we do not know what the reason for such behaviour was. Instead of blaming someone, ask “why you behave in such a way”. Try to understand. We all need some love and kindness. And most of our bad features are only the resemblance of psychological traumas in past.

5 Reasons on Why You Should Conquer Your Fears

Fear is an unpleasant emotion which can be caused by the threat of pain or danger. All we are afraid of something as it is said: “each person has its own rats in the attic”. I also have some fears. For example, I am afraid of altitude, darkness and sometimes water. Not exactly water, I am afraid of being drowned due to bad experience in the past.

Yesterday I conquered two of my fears such as altitude and water. I visited Aqua Park and took a chance to go down from the highest waterslide. You know, it was extremely frightful, but I was so proud of myself after that. I understood how it is important to go out from comfort zone and conquer fears. And here is a list of some reasons why you should conquer YOUR fears:

1. Fears Set Limits In Your Life

You can’t live your life fully without overcoming your fears. Often, people refuse to take actions because they are afraid of outcomes. As a result, they waste a lot of energy on taking consideration about it but never try to change the reality. As soon as you conquer your fears, you will understand that life significantly depends on your inner power. Revealing this power changes your reality in a better way.

2. It Is Only In Your Mind

“Danger always looks bigger through the eyes of fear.” People are gifted with imagination but it also enables us to exaggerate situations in life. Stop thinking about the outcomes of your decision before you are going to try it. If it is not really dangerous and you are sure about safety regulations, set a rule for yourself not to judge the situation before you want to try it. 

3. Fear Wastes Your Energy

Thoughts are material and to realize your thoughts, we waste a lot of energy. Actions are not so energy-consuming as fears. Heart is beating faster, you are getting sweat, and in your mind there are many unpleasant outcomes of this particular situation and so on. In result, you are tired of your fears and do not have enough energy to act and to live happily. 

4. Do Not Attract Frightful Situations to Your Life

I believe that thoughts are material and fears are one of them. Fear is an extremely powerful emotion; as such it is extremely energy-consuming. The more energy you waste the more material are your thoughts. If you are always considering your fears, you can attract such situations in your life. The best way is to conquer it, firstly in your mind, and secondly in reality. 

5. Be A Better Version of Yourself

If you are striving for self-development and spiritual growth, you definitely face your fears on your way. As soon as I conquered one of my fears, I understood that I am much powerful than I thought previously. Believe in yourself, you can be a better version of yourself!

I wish you good luck in your future endeavours! I would be glad to see you as a subscriber of my blog if you liked this post. What are your fears, and which ones have you already conquered?

Allow Yourself to Dream Globally

Talking about my life experience, it is possible to define me as the person from rags to riches. I am the girl who moved to big city from the small village and stay there to get succeed. As such I can easily draw a line between successful people and those who can only dream about success. 

I think that successful people allow themselves to dream globally. They easily imagine themselves in luxurious apartments or expensive car. You may say: “I also imagine yourself in luxurious apartments but it is far away from reality”. Yes, but there is a slight difference.

Successful People Draw a Line between Dreams and Reality

And this line is IDEAS how to transform these dreams in reality. To dream globally means to realize that YOU can afford it to yourself. No matter how much time you need for realization these dreams. 

You have ideas and these ideas can give necessary results. You are different from other people who simply dream. They have only dreams, but YOU have ideas. And these ideas transform your dreams into goals.

Life Is Much More Interesting When We Dream

In my opinion, dreams make our lives brighter and more engaging. It is a powerful tool which makes us to move further and grow as individuality. 

“All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them.” Walt Disney

If you still hesitating “How to make your dreams come true”. Here is a plan how to realize your dreams:

  1. Allow yourself to have what you dream about;
  2. Think about ideas;
  3. Set Goals;
  4. Be patient enough to wait for the outcomes.

Wish You Good Luck In Your Future Endeavours! 

Causes of Misfortune

It would be so nice to be fortunate all the time. But, misfortunes meet us on the way to success and do not ask us whether we are ready for them. Nobody likes misfortunes. So many businesses were closed due to them. People give up and never turn back to their dreams. What are the causes of misfortune? What makes us to feel such low self-esteem? And the main question “why?

Basically, I believe that our life is a process of learning. We came here to learn. And want it or not, learning is impossible without misfortunes. In childhood, we are parented in the carrot and stick approach. And it is quite similar.

As a result, there are two main causes of misfortunes. The first cause of misfortune is a lesson. To become somebody we need to learn something before. Sometimes, these lessons are so difficult and it is impossible to understand what it can teach.

We lose close people, we lose work and businesses. And, it is not understandable “why”? But life teach you the main leassons, they are patience and acceptance. It can teach you that all is temporary and you should understand and accept it.

Another cause of misfortune is balance. It is closely connected with the previous cause but it has a slight difference. Life is not good or bad, it is wise. It is wise because it is balanced. If you long period of time is fortunate, it changes your worldview, you forget about who is “true you”.

To remind your nature you need to feel both fortune and misfortune because you are like a nature, you are yin yang and you should be in the unison with life. Only, in such a way you can understand all the wisdom and learn all essential lessons.

Why It Is Essential To Be Flexible?

Nowadays, flexibility is an essential quality for anybody who wants to change a life in a better way. Being flexible means to be able to adapt to the situation and easily overcome obstacles. In my opinion, flexibility is a key to spiritual growth. It helps to fight ignorance and see life from the different sides, in its turn having a full picture of the situation.

To become flexible means to be open to the new information. Often, people are afraid to go out of comfort zone, change their affirmations and accept another point of view. It is the main factor that a person does not grow and as such, this one can’t get succeed.

Flexibility is a key tool to reach goals. No matter what your goals are, big or small, difficult or simple. Setting goals means to reach something you haven’t had earlier. If you want to receive something you haven’t had earlier, you should obtain something new in your inner world.

Nowadays, in the fast-growing world, people should be flexible enough to adapt to a new life easier. To be flexible, be ready to listen to other people. Don’t contradict other points of views, maybe if you don’t see sense in it now, it can be useful for you tomorrow.

How to Become More Patient?

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”


Patience is one of the main keys to success. Many people give up before their businesses are going to get succeed. When you put a lot of efforts into something, it is okay that you also want a quick result. But usually, it does not work like that, and it is essential to wait and develop such quality as patience. What should you know to become more patient?

Life is not a dream. It is only in your dreams all your goals can be achieved quickly, life needs time and your efforts. Life is an exchange of energy; you should give something to receive it. It is about balance. In its case, it is your talent and efforts. Many businessmen have been working the first year without getting desirable results but they did not give up. In result, desire to reach the goal was stronger than a fear not to succeed.

You receive what you deserve. You can think that life is unfair, but your results are always valued by your qualities and talents. Instead of taking consideration about quick results, focus on what you should do and how you should change yourself to reach your goals.

It is not enough to visualize. Visualization is essential; it helps to set a plan to achieve required results. But, if you wasted a lot of efforts and time and don’t see results yet, change your strategy. Analyze what is wrong and be flexible enough to take new actions and you will see new results. Time helps you to reveal your own strategy which is going to be effective.

Enjoy the process. I think this is the most important to enjoy what you do. If you don’t receive pleasure from your business, it is an indicator that this is not what you should do. If you like it, you don’t count time and simply immerse in it. It is not a work for you, it is a lifestyle. So, if your business is your hobby, it is easy for you to be patient. Don’t think about money, do your best and you will be rewarded.

What Is Wealth And How To Receive It?

“Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.”

Ayn Rand

We want to be wealthy for different reasons. First of all, it allows living the life we want. Secondly, it helps to fulfil our goals and desires. Many people strive for being wealthy all life but cannot find the way how to do it. So how to become wealthy and find your own way to success?

You should understand that money is only an indicator of your inner wealth and ability to transfer your personal qualities in the energy of money. Earlier, I thought that anyone can be wealthy and can be happy. Now, I understand that it requires work and self-development. The way you earn money shows the stage of your spiritual growth and resembles your best qualities.

For example, if your spirituality reaches only Muladhara chakra, there is a big probability that you can earn money only with the help of hard manual work. The person of Manipura chakra is a good leader and has essential organizational skills. Artists and talented people significantly developed Vishudha and Ajna chakras.

It does not mean that you should meditate and do nothing. You should receive experience, all these qualities are developed with the help of getting experience. It means that you should not wait when your talent come to you and tell you “Hey guy, let’s go and become rich”. Of course, no. It means that you should have a desire to find your talent and don’t be afraid of looking for it, even if it requires going out of comfort zone, conquering your fears and work on your insecurities.

A talented person is the one who reached a high level of proficiency in own craft. It is the one who is continuously developing own skills and strive for becoming better self than yesterday.

5 Tips On How To Improve Erudition

“Without devotion, action and knowledge are cold and dry and many even become shackles.”

Mahatma Gandhi

The dictionary meaning of the word “erudition” is the quality of having or showing great knowledge or learning; scholarship. Being erudite plays a significant role in life. First of all, interesting information reveals different sides of life and make it more engaging. Secondly, if you are erudite, other people respect you for your knowledge and prefer to spend time with you because they can be inspired by your knowledge and motivate yourselves to be more informed.

  1. Define your area of interests. It is impossible to know all the information in the world, but it is always possible to become a professional in a specific area of interests. If you can find this area, it will be easier for you to find the necessary information.
  2. Be interested in classic poets and artists. In classic artworks, there is always a deep sense and wisdom. 
  3. Watch documentary films. Nowadays, films is an amazing opportunity to find out new information. So, if you want to be erudite, watch documentary films on a regularly base. 
  4. Read books. Books not only develop your imagination, but it is also a source of knowledge. Books develop your lexical vocabulary and improve your erudition.
  5. Find an example. Find someone who can inspire you to improve your erudition. It is always easier to do something when you are inspired.

Being erudite is good, but you should always understand why you want to be so well-informed. If you really want to know more, you will. But if it is only a desire to be “someone” in the eyes of others, think about why you need it? Follow your true goals and make your life happier. Erudition open your eyes and make your life brighter and if you want to find out what is life, you should develop your understanding of it by improving your erudition. 

Helpful or Annoying?

Stop being too helpful. It will lead you to be helpless some day.

Faded Feelings.

Do you want to help other people and have you been in the situation when your help was not appreciated? If yes, this article can be useful for you. A desire to help is an amazing human quality, however, it seems that some people do not appreciate it and do not accept it. So, what is the difference between being helpful and annoying? Let’s see.

Being helpful means to be ready to give help, while being annoying means irritating. So, if you want to help someone you should be ready to give your help when it is needed. If you gave your piece of advice once and it was not appreciated, leave it, you will never help this person in such a way.

Each person is unique, and if you have a different point of view it is okay. Sometimes, it is difficult to accept the fact that dear person for you does not understand you, because he or she does not want to follow your recommendations.

But, you should understand that your recommendations are always based on your personal experience, so it can be inappropriate for another person with another life experience. As such, if you want to be helpful don’t dictate and force this person to act according to your directions. In such a case, you only create unhealthy relationships between both of you.  

Do it with Passion!

All people want to be wealthy. However, not all people understand that material wealth is the resemblance of your soul wealth. To get something you need to give something to other people and the whole universe. Life is a cycle of energy exchange. To be happy, you need to follow rules of this energy exchange.

The energy of money adore people who are enjoying life and stick to such people like a magnet. Imagine if you do something useful for other people and enjoy it, it will be a combo for becoming wealth.

Don’t be mean. If you feel like you are poor and are afraid of loosing money, you will never become wealthy. Be confident in your own power and talent. Even if you loose now all your property, your will, patience and belief will help you to become who you are.

Enjoy your work. No matter who you are now. If you don’t like what you do, change job. But if you can’t do it now, learn how to love what you do, and do it with passion. Do it in the best way because this is a period in your life which is necessary for you and there is sense in it, even if you don’t understand it now.

What does it mean to be a Charismatic Person?

“Charisma is not just saying hello. It’s dropping what you’re doing to say hello.”

–Robert Brault

Charisma, charisma, charisma…What does it mean to be a charismatic person? Is it inborn ability or you can develop it? Firstly, let’s define what it means to be a charismatic person. According to the dictionary, charisma is a special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to influence other people and attract their attention and admiration. So, who is a charismatic person?

A charismatic person has a special power, charisma. It means that you are proficient in some sphere of life and can inspire other people to change their life in a better way. A charismatic person is a leader. It is the one who has a vision and can share it with other people.

There are many professionals, but they are not charismatic. Other people don’t listen them and don’t take into consideration their words. In result, we cannot consider this person to be charismatic. To know something does not make you be a leader and charismatic person. We don’t call Wikipedia charismatic 🙂

Charisma is a powerful energy which forces you to share your knowledge and change the world. It is the energy that makes you be the artist of your life. And when you can see that it works you want to help others live better.

Briefly, charisma is power, energy, it is a desire to live better and inspire other people to make changes.

5 Tips on How to Become Attractive Woman

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

Sophia Loren

Many women confuse words “attractive” and “pretty”. To find out how to become attractive, let’s define what means to be “attractive” and what means to be “pretty”. In the dictionary it is said, attractive is very pleasing in appearance or sound or someone causing interest or pleasure. While pretty is pleasant to look at. So, attractive has more complex meaning, it is not only your appearance, it is something deeper, that makes you to be a magnet for other people. If you want to become attractive woman, follow these simple tips:

1. Be Positive. People like positive people. It does not matter that you should always be in a good mood. We all are humans and have emotions. It means to see positive in life more than negative. Being positive means to be like a sun. If you ray out positive thoughts and emotions, people will definitely reach you out. 

2. Be sincere. No one likes fake people, if you behave and talk not in accordance to your inner feelings, other people feel it. Try to be more sincere to other people, no one wants to interact with double-faced people.

3. Take care of your appearance. Appearance plays a significant role in our life. If you are in harmony, you know that appearance is a resemblance of your inner world. Want it or not, people assess you taking into consideration how you look. Well-conditioned hair and skin can create a good initial impression. So, don’t forget to be a woman and use your main power, your beauty!

4. Find your hobby. Those women who have hobbies are much more attractive than those that don’t have any interests. Think about what you like and enjoy it.

5. Enjoy life. Don’t be so preoccupied with the desire to attract other people, enjoy your own life. A strong wish to appeal to other people means that you are not interested enough in own life. If you enjoy it, others will follow you because people like those who don’t need anybody to be happy.

I am sure that you are already attractive woman or girl, you need only love yourself and enjoy your life. If you enjoy being alone, others will definitely like to know what is your secret of happiness.

Don’t be so serious. Take it easy!

We all set plans, goals and try to achieve success. It is amazing because it makes life better, easier and more comfortable. However, some people are so serious about achieving their goals, that they forget about the main aim of why they set these goals. They are so preoccupied with goals and work so they forget that the main aim was to make life easier and happier.

Don’t forget to live now. Even if you haven’t reached your goals, life is continuing. Try to take life obstacles easier. Enjoy your life now. If you have ideas and dreams that can be achieved now, go and fulfil it!

Don´t be immersed in routine. If you find your life to be a routine, or if you are tired of it, try something new, something that can take you away from it. If you have desires, reach them. If you have fears conquer them. Life is amazing and only YOU define it to be good or bad. Try to reveal who you are. You will be surprised how many-sided you can be. Life is worth revealing all these sides.

Dear Reader,wish you Happy New Year! Reveal your best qualities this year and receive the best presents!

Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Creativity

“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity” 

Charles Mingus

Being creative means to be unique. Nowadays, creativity is highly valuable and many people want to be imaginative and creative. It makes us outstanding. Creativity is the energy that moves us to create something new, something that can inspire other people. Creativity makes people to be famous and wealthy. Do you want to be creative? If yes, simply follow these simple tips to boost your creativity.

1. Be simple. Creativity does not mean something pompous. Most outstanding works are so valuable because they bring some sense and as it is known that wisdom is always simple. The main key is to find your wisdom and have a wish to share it with other people.

2. Do what you like. If you have some hobby, you can get some inspiration in it. When we do what we love we become charged with this magic energy that inspires us to do something outstanding. Love is the most powerful energy, so if you have a chance to be charged with this energy, use it!

3. Do physical exercises. Sport is amazing thing that can make you feel active in a short time. If you feel stuck and apathy does not leave you, physical exercises can easily help you to take back your power and inspire you for the further endeavours.

4. Listen to the music you love. Do you feel exhausted and nothing can inspire you? Take some relax and listen to your favourite music. Such procedure will help you to calm down your mind and find concentration.

5. Look for advice. All we are different and have different ideas. If you don’t know how to do something, you can always look for it on the Internet or ask your friends. “Four eyes see better than two”. 

Remember, that is okay to be apathetic, especially if you have been working on your ideas a long time. You are a human, not a robot. So, take time to relax and maybe the answer to your question will catch you unawares.

How to Find a Compromise?

“For the beauty of the rose, we also water the thorns”

-African Proverb

All people are different because each one has their life story. We come through happiness and sadness, fortunes and unfortunates, love and antipathy. We are always changing and our views accordingly. Sometimes, we are so confirmed according to own values, so it becomes impossible to accept other ideas and understand the behaviour of other people.

But we live in society and it is essential to be conscious and accept weaknesses of other people. Otherwise, you will find out how fake you are not only with these people but also with yourself. So, how to accept weaknesses of other people and find a compromise?

Ask. If you don’t agree with this person that is okay, accept does not mean to agree with it. But if you feel crushing rejection, ask why this person think like that. What life situation forced him or her to behave or make considerations in such way?

Imagine. It is well-known wisdom, you will never understand another person without “being in his shoes”. Of course, you can’t go through this life situation but you can imagine it. Feel it like this person felt. Such vision is extremely useful in life, it makes you human and empathetic.

Tell your meaning. You are another, and your life is differing. If you have a misunderstanding with a dear person for you, try to explain your meaning and your situation. Such conversation is better than avoiding a problem. Sometimes it is inevitable simply to avoid person because this person can be your parent, friend or beloved person. You have come through numerous happy moments and you don’t want to lose this one because of different views. Try to come to a compromise.

Accepting other people’s weakness is not easy, but you should be wiser and try to do it because of love. If you love, it is always easier to come to mutual understanding. Learn how to love and love sincerely.

What does it mean to love yourself?

“Loving yourself is not vanity, it is sanity”

Katrina Mayer

When I was a child, my mom has always told me, love yourself and other people will love you. Now I understand how she was right. If you love yourself, you are indestructible. If you love yourself, you accept both positive and negative aspects of your character, and no one criticism can hurt you. So, what does it mean to love yourself?

Acceptance. To love yourself means to face life. You don’t create an illusion around yourself. You adequately evaluate yourself and decide what should be changed and what you agree with. 

Achievement. To love yourself means to desire better life and realization of your dreams. You know that you can get whatever you want and you go further and reach your goals. For you, money is only a tool but not a destination. You know that your life depends on your decisions.

Development. If you love yourself, you don’t allow you to degrade. You focus on your interests and develop it. You understand that the best investment is investment in own development. You know that every day is a lesson and your aim is to learn it.

Positive thinking. The person who loves yourself tries to be focused on positive things. In our life, there are so many negative aspects, so it is better to focus on positive issues and attract them in your life.

You are not only a picture. The person who truly loves yourself, is the one who understands that appearance is not the most important issue in person. However, appearance significantly affects the initial impression. The person who loves yourself take care of own appearance but also develops the inner world which is much more important. We are a sum of appearance, knowledge, emotions and experience.

If you can find out your way of love to yourself, you will be surprised how the world around you can be changed. This inner light that you can ray out can be felt by other people and they definitely will have a desire to reach this light.

How to Improve Self-Esteem?

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

― Marilyn Monroe

Self-esteem plays a significant role in your life. It is the way you feel in the society and it is how you define own importance and uniqueness. It is how you evaluate yourself and as such it is the way you think, behave and fulfil your goals.

Self-esteem is important in all spheres of your life: family, work, friends etc. A proper level of self-esteem allows you to represent all your talents and realize all your dreams. If you want to increase self-esteem, follow these pieces of advice:

  1. Define the problem. If you feel like you have low self-esteem, it is probably that you have a reason for it. Take time to think about what made you feel like that. Who or what is a problem.
  2. Accept and solve. If you found out the reason, try to solve it. Some problems cannot be solved spontaneously, so define the period and actions you can apply to solve it. For example, if you are not satisfied with your body weight, change a diet and choose a kind of sport to lose weight. Some people want to solve a problem but they do not want to change their lives and go out of their comfort zone. But only having strong will you can change whatever you want. This is only is the power of your desire.
  3. Define your strong sides. Being concentrated on your weak sides leads you to wrong perception of yourself. Your problem is not a unique description of you. Try to refocus your attention to positive sides of life and write a list of your advantageous. Maybe you have some hobbies, talents, achievement…be grateful for what you have already achieved!

Remember! You are special because you are not like others. We all are different and if you are not so good like others in something, be sure that they can be worst in other areas. Only time defines who we are, some people dedicate time for writing, others like a painting. Choose something that you would like to be proficient in and enjoy yourself.

Is it okay to be aggressive? What is healthy aggression?

“If you don’t control your temper, your temper will control you?

Stephen King

On the way to spiritual growth, I have always been considering how it is essential to be good with others and show only positive aspects of my character. I tried to be good even if other people treated me aggressively and then I felt offended. I could not understand why people behave like that and the feeling of offence was ruining me from the inside.

That is to say, it was happening to me even in childhood, instead of revealing my offence I hide it deeply and then suffered. Today, I would like to talk to those people who may think in such a way. Do you suffer from an offence? Do people aggressively treat you and the result you are closed down? Do you think like those who behave aggressively are bad and you should stay good because it is right?

Aggression can be healthy. It is okay when you can stand up for yourself. Don’t be afraid of other people’s reaction. If they humiliate, manipulate and hurt you, say your point of view, get things under your control. Show this one that you respect yourself and never allow such attitude to yourself. Love yourself and be proud of who you are.

Don’t think that you are obliged to be good in all aspects. I think that spiritual growth is the way of acquaintance with own “self”. You have both good and bad features of character. And it is okay. You are yin and yang, or black and white. Find out your yin and yang and make it to stay in harmony. The main aim of spiritual growth is to find balance. The balance between your good and bad.

How to create Atmosphere of Joy during Winter Holidays?

“He who has not Christams in his heart, will never find it under a tree”

Roy L. Smith

The atmosphere of joy and festivity is what we are looking for especially during the winter holidays. One year you have this mood and another year you don’t. So, what makes these winter holidays to be so magical and captivating? Let be this year outstanding…

No one is responsible for your mood. Only you are the one who is responsible for your feeling of joy and festivity. If you want to feel this magic, allow it to come to your life and your house. Be full of this inspirational mood. Be the one who creates it. Buy a Christmas tree and toys. Start to create the atmosphere from now!

Give and do not wait for something instead. What do you like more giving presents or receiving them? This year do not wait for presents from other people. Love giving presents. I think it is better than waiting when someone makes you be happy. Make happy other people. Be this Santa Claus. Share your joy with others and you will see how it is exciting. Smiles and gratitude are the main presents you could receive.

It is time to be a child. Winter holidays are like a fairytale. This is an opportunity to come back to your childhood. Do you remember your favourite Christmas songs, films and cartoons from childhood? No matter whether you are a child or an adult, these holidays are your fairytale. Take time to rewatch your favourite films and listen to the music that makes you feel like in a fairy tale.

If you don’t love Christmas and New Year holidays, maybe you still waiting when Santa Claus come to you and make you to be joyful. The truth is that we are the ones responsible for our mood and life. So, make your New Year to be amazing!

Wish you all the best, my dear reader!

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Arthur Ashe

With the development of technology, humanity is going to be afraid of staying by the board. We are afraid that machines can substitute people and wipe off all our plans on having a good career and financial freedom.

That is to say, everything has its essence. I think even in such a situation people can find the way out. Don’t miss this opportunity, this is a time of your realization!

With the appearance of machines people receive more essential thing than money, they will receive time and freedom. Time is the most precious issue in our life. And this time frame we live in, gives us amazing opportunity to be creative. People are no more slaves, they are creators.

Think about what you like and dedicate your time to be proficient in it. The future needs creative people. Even now we can see the appearance of creative jobs, bloggers, writers, designers, etc.

This is only the beginning, so instead of being afraid of the future, foresee it and take your advantageous. Focus on positive changes, and be ready to work on yourself.

What is important in life?

I always try to find out what is important for me and what is important in life. This question always step me back to who I am. You can be surprised but the answer to this question can tell you who is real YOU.

I was looking for this answer in YouTube and read other people’s meaning and I’ve found out that the most important in life are human values. That is to say, I absolutely agree with it. But, it doesn’t work for those who are liars.

I am sure it is impossible to be kind if you are not honest with yourself. It is impossible to love other people if you don’t love yourself. You cannot be fair with others if you lie to yourself. How can you respect others if you feel like a racist? How you can trust others if you cannot be as good as your own words. And the last, can you be honest to others if you don’t know who you are? Fake moral values are the worst important things that you can have.

Those people who create an illusion of morality and follow it because of looking good in the eyes of others or being afraid of karma will never understand what means to be a human.

Being a human means to love without any expectations to receive something instead of it. It means to be kind because you want to make other people lives better, brighter and a little bit easier. It means to be fair without being afraid to get the gate. It means to respect all people from different corners of the world. And the most important is to find love in your soul and be ready to share it.

Life is a journey and the process of acquaintance. To understand what is important in life, you should accept yourself and other people weak and strong sides. All we are different but we have common ground. We are getting acquainted with who we are. We are so similar but so different. Don’t blame others for their actions, follow your own. Make this life happier by making happier yourself.

How to Become a True Leader?

A leader is the one who has an authority, it is the one people are eager to follow and do what this person is saying. It is the one who knows what is better for the people who follow him/her. Being a leader is not easy but it definitely helps in life and especially on the way to success. So what should you do to become a true leader?

1. Find out your weak and strong sides

Knowing yourself is the key issue on the way to true leadership. We are not perfect, and the most essential is to accept it. True leader knows own strong qualities and tries to apply them for common goals. To know own qualities means to know how to interact with people in the right way to reach goals.

2. Appreciate your team

If you want to be a true leader, you should value each employee and show it in your attitude. Remember, vanity is your main enemy. Even you think that you are more important than others, this is not true. A true leader knows that to reach the success it is essential to have a good team.

3. Inspire

A true leader knows that his or her role is to inspire and motivate people. This is the person who can affirm others about the advantages of reaching their goal. This is the one who has a good vision of the future and can transform this vision in reality.

4. Listen

A good leader listens more than say. To be a good listener means to respect other people’s meanings and find out what is important for the whole company and not only for his or her ego. Be a good listener and try to understand as fully as possible what the person is saying to you. 

5. Delegate

As I’ve mentioned above, a good leader knows own weak and strong sides. So, if you see that you cannot cope with some of the tasks, be ready to delegate it to another employee, the one who is qualified in it and can easily to solve the problem. In such a case, you will show your good leadership skills and desire to fulfil team goals as better as possible.

Being a leader is not an easy task, and if you want to be a leader you should already think about the desire to improve not only your own life but the lives of other people.

5 Products to Boost Your Immune System

Immune system is an essential system in our bodies which can prevent us from diseases and possibly damaging foreign bodies. During the winter season, we all need something that can boost our immune system and help us to stay healthy. Here are 5 best products that can help you to boost your immune system.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits consists of the most important vitamin for our immune system. Most people buy it in a drug store but you can simply buy citrus fruits and receive the necessary dose of vitamin C to stay healthy. Vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells and in its turn helps to fight infections. You may choose what you like: lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, clementines or tangerines. These products are not only delicious, they help to gain the necessary dose of vitamin C.


If you take care of your health, garlic is a must-have product in your kitchen. It is a good assistant in the fight with infectious. Besides, it can also lower blood pressure and decelerate hardening of the arteries. 


Ginger is another product turns to after becoming ill. Ginger may offer assistance eliminating a sore throat and other fiery ailments. If you suffer from nausea just drink tea with ginger. Ginger assists in diminishing chronic torment and may have cholesterol-lowering properties. 


Broccoli is overloaded with minerals and vitamins. It is full of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as numerous other cancer prevention agents and fibre, broccoli is one of the most advantageous vegetables you should put on your table. If you want to get as more use of it as possible, it is essential not to overcook it or even not to cook it at all.


Are you surprised? Yes, kiwi is not only delicious but extremely useful. It is overloaded with a great number of essential nutrients, such as folate, potassium, vitamin K, and vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts white blood cells to overcome the infection, while kiwi’s other nutrients keep the rest of your body functioning properly.

If you are still hezitating about shoud you add more fruits and vegetables to your menut. Read my another article “5 Reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables”.

Who is a Successful Person?

“The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything”

Theodore Roosevelt

What is the reality of success? The reality is such that success rarely is an easy way. Success is an abstract notion and for everyone, it differs. No matter what is it, money, love, knowledge, travelling etc. Everyone has own vision of it. And unfortunately, most people stay in this visionary and never come close to their dream in reality. So, what makes a person successful?

Strong will. As I mentioned above, success is rarely an easy path. On the way to success people always face obstacles and only people with a strong will can overcome them. Life always check whether you deserve what you want and if it is not about you yet, it gives you lessons to make you worthy of your vision.

Belief. While achieving your goal you need to have abiding faith in your successful future. If you are young and you haven’t shown big results in anything before, people, especially your relatives and friends will be hesitating about your ideas and it can destroy your determination.

Desire to learn. No matter what is your aim, you should be always ready to accept new knowledge. Information rules the world. Even if you don’t show results yet, you should never give up in learning something new about your goal because new information can help you to change something if it is needed.

Flexibility. Instead of giving up, a successful person always seeks new ways to reach goals. Being flexible means that you can easily to start again and again with new ideas and be indestructible on the way to success.

This is my vision of a successful person. Do you agree? What do you think, who is a successful person or what makes a person successful?

How to Overcome Obstacles?

“Turn your wounds into wisdom”

Oprah Winfrey

Life is not easy, it has both positive and negative sides. These two sides are essential for us to understand the wisdom of life. Nothing is unimportant, all the situations that happened in your life are necessary for you to grow and improve your life in the future. If you consider how to overcome obstacles, you are on the right way. It means that you are ready to see life in all its colours.

If you want to overcome obstacles you should follow these simple pieces of advice:

Accept. You should accept the obstacle. It happened and there is a sense in it. If you even don’t understand this sense, you need to wait. Even if you think it is unfairly, you should believe that it can bring something new and better. All black streaks are ended with the white ones.

Analyze. Take time to analyze why did it happen to you. Draw a line between nearest events in your life and try to find the common ground between them. 

Don’t blame others. Instead of looking for guilty people, think about what is wrong in your actions, thoughts and feelings. Only YOU are responsible for your feelings.

Find Solutions. Even if you don’t understand fully the situation, try to tell yourself what you will change if something similar happen in the future. 

Generally, all the obstacles are lessons and it is essential to understand them to prevent them in future. Even if something bad happens, you should always understand that only you are responsible for what you feel now. You can calm down and take actions!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Standing Out From The Crowd

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”

― Mark Twain

We need to follow social and ethical norms to learn how appreciate other people but we should not assimilate to them. I see a crowd like a mass of identical people and those who don’t have own meaning. They take care of what other people think about them and are afraid to say “no”. Are you an identity of maybe you a part of the crowd?

Following begins from the childhood. Want it or not, you follow your parents because they are the first people who show you how to live and behave in society. They admire you when you behave according to their norms and punish when you go against the norms they set.

It is okay when you are a child but some children never become adults…When you are like 20 years old and you are afraid to say no, that is a problem. You will never find your real “self”. Who you are? What do you like? How do you want to live?

The crowd never checks the information they get from other people. It always believe in what other people say and write. If the person is assimilated to the crowd he or she cannot think. While reading a book or watching a video, this one doesn’t use his or her thinking capacity.

Trying to be like others you will never start your own life way and spiritual growth because the spirit can be developed only with the help of a “personal experience” and the process of thinking.

If you find yourself in these words, take time and think about your preferences. Don’t be afraid to choose the life you want to live. No matter what parents say or what your friends think about it. Your life is in your hands, you should live as you wish. Don’t allow other people to pick up your choice!

Comfort Zone as Stagnation

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Growth is a fight. No matter what is your aim, is it financial stability, love, getting rid of your acquired habits. You need to change something in yourself, to change your life, and it can be difficult. If you have desires, but nothing goes the right way, maybe you are in a prolonged period of stagnation?

Ask yourself: “Is it important for you to reach your goal?” If your answer is “no”, so maybe this is not what you are looking for? But if you answer “yes”, so what are you not doing it? Maybe you find yourself in comfort zone, your life which you have now is comfortable for you and if you make one step to your desirable aim, you fear to lose this comfort?

There is nothing good in stagnation, it can easily turn you into apathy and in my opinion, these two issues are really similar. I don’t inspire you to suffer, no of course…but I would like to inspire you not to be afraid of the future. This fear is so difficult because no one knows what can happen if you take this step, you can be frustrated but you can also achieve your goals and make your life better.

Life is so unpredictable and if you afraid of losing what you have now, and this fear enchain you, the universe will retrieve it only to make you be free of your fears. Don’t allow fears to stop you on the way to success, go and make your wishes come true!

All the best, be the artist of your life

Tongue As An Indicator of Health

Our body is the whole organism where every organ depends on another. Nature gave us an opportunity to have a map of our illnesses and this map is our tongue. The colour and form of this muscle can define you what is wrong with your health and what should you do to improve it. So, before you go to a doctor you can see what your tongue looks like and define the potential problems.

The normal colour of tongue is pink. This colour says you that you are okay and your body health is normal. However, if there are other colours on your tongue, you should be careful because you may have some problems with health:

Red. Lack of vitamin B;

Purple. Problems with heart and circulation of blood;

Blue. Poor oxygen circulation, which can be caused by problems with lung or kidney;

Yellow. Can be caused by smoking, however, psoriasis and jaundice can also affect such appearance of your tongue;

Grey. Problems with a stomach, digestive issues, eczema or peptic ulcers;

White. It can be caused by an excessive number of toxins in your body;

Brown. Smoking;

Black. Poor oral hygiene, diabetes and hairy black tongue condition.

However, don’t be so frustrated if you find your tongue of abnormal colour, sometimes it can be caused by what you ate or drink.

Vanity Is Your Main Enemy

Vanity is your first enemy on the way of spiritual growth. The more you grow and expand horizons of your interests the more chances that you can be caught in trap of vanity. So what is vanity and what is the difference between vanity and pride?

Vanity is a quality of a person who depreciates other’s point of view because he or she considers it is wrong and not worthy of attention. It is always excessive pride in own views, appearance and actions. Vanity is your first enemy because it does not allow you to grow further, you may think that you understood life and you can stop accepting other ideas. It is close to ignorance, lack of desire to be aware.

Pride is a reasonable and justifiable state of being proud. Contrary to vanity, proud inspires you to the development. It looks like an incentive, that your thoughts, views and actions are valuable. There is nothing bad in being proud. But, pride can be overgrown in vanity. So, it is always important to be careful about what you feel. Don’t allow yourself to stop, and move further.

What Are The Secrets Of Success?

The dictionary defines “success” as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So, first of all, to be successful, you need to have an aim or purpose. It can be strange, but many people want success but they do not what they want to do, what their aims, what their hobbies, they even do not know themselves.

So, the first secret of success is Determinacy. Take time and think about what you like. You can even draw a picture of your preferences, e.g. what you like to eat, listen, feel, how you like passing your free time etc.

Secondly, in order to have “accomplishment”, you need a way where your goal will be striving to the finishing point. This way should start from your soul. Having established your goal, think how is it exciting for you? Will it be useful for other people? Will it make somebody happier? Are you happy with your goal? Do you like the process of doing it?

Thirdly, you should understand that success is not money, it is the accomplishment of your goal. Do not think about money. Do what you like, get the satisfaction of it and believe money like happy and satisfied people. If you do what you definitely like, the universe will give you an award for it!

What is your hobby? What do you like to do?

Why Do We Live In An Era Of Information?

Information is everywhere. Internet, TV, radio, advertisements, newspapers, billboards…and the main source of information is people. We like sponges absorb all that we are given and unfortunately even without having an intention to receive it.

The world is moving so fast, so it is so difficult to become accustomed to it. Even wars become informational. That is why it is so difficult to be the artist of own life without having a conscious approach to absorbing information and knowledge.

We live in an era of information because we need to learn what information is necessary for us and what is not. Briefly, the main lesson in this era for humanity is becoming conscious. Without being focused and analyzing life, a person becomes similar to a robot. And in the very close future, it will be difficult to compete with robots for such people. The main difference between robots and people is consciousness. And if people do not learn how to be consciousness, what differentiates them from robots?

Always think about what you want. Do not allow anybody to dictate you how to live, where to study, what job to choose and when to become pregnant. Your life is in your hands. This is your way, your lessons and your personal picture which you are painting.

Do not become similar to robots. You are not a robot. And only you can choose how to live because nobody can be in your shoes…

Love Life And You Will Be Its All-Time Favourite

Fortune is what everyone looking for. Some people are fortunate and others are not. Why life chose ones as favourites while others are left without anything? Life looks so unfair. But it is not. Do you want to be fortune? Do you want to feel safe and be guarded by your angels? If yes, take into consideration that we cannot receive something without giving something instead.

Life is harmony and if you want to be a golden child of the universe, become fond of life. Give the universe your love, and you will be surprised how it is generous to you. Look around, take some time to notice how nature is beautiful, try to see good in people, give your attention to animals, take care of the planet. Be conscious in your actions and love yourself. You are a part of life. And if you think life is unfair and it does not love you, ask yourself: “Do you love yourself”?

Even if sometimes you find yourself grieving, think about what you make wrong. What lesson life is giving to you now. The universe loves you more than anyone else. It is unconditional love which is focused on making you better. Remember, life is not “goodie”, it is always good for you!

Why Do We Need To Suffer?

“Experience life in all possible ways – good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don’t be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.”

– Osho

We always try to make our lives as comfortable as it could be. We buy things that make us feel happy. We avoid conflicts in order not to go out of the comfort zone. We choose only “goodie” friends who make an emphasis on only positive features in our character, and we get marry only with those partners who satisfy our “needs”…

It looks like a big illusion we live in. Life is miraculous because it has both good and bad sides. It is like a coin with white and black sides which is constantly swirling and if you don’t accept these both sides you never understand life.

We need to suffer because it makes us consider our behaviour, thoughts and the way we live. You never think about how to change your life if it is comfortable for you, but your soul needs to evolutionize and it means it needs continuous growth to become awakened.

For example, if you don’t have money now, you suffer because you can’t please your needs. So, you think how to get it, you plan how to build a business or look for a job which can make a solid financial grounding for you and your family.

Or, If you get a bad mark at school or university, you think what is wrong and try to be better next time. If you continuously get only good marks, you will get relaxed and put not so many efforts to receive knowledge. Marks are not a desirable point, it is only an evaluation of your efforts.

Becoming more and more conscious, you understand that there are no good or bad things, there is only a process of evolution and development. And if you want to experience life fully, you need to accept both sides of life, which can be called as a lesson and awarding.

What Is Psychosomatics?

‘Psyche‘ means mind and ‘soma’ means body, so psychosomatics disorder is an illness which involves not only the body but mind. It means that relation between thoughts and illness are really close. Thoughts can influence a physical disorder, and physical state can influence mind.

There are 3 main types of psychosomatic illness:

  1. An individual has both mental and physical ailment, whose symptoms complexify each other.
  2. An individual who encounters mental issues due to the restorative condition and its treatment. For illustration, patients feeling discouraged since they have cancer and are taking treatment for it.
  3. Somatoform disorder. It could be a condition in which an individual with mental sickness encounters one or more physical symptoms, even if he or she does not have any related restorative condition.

Having analyzed these 3 types of psychosomatic conditions, it is seen that the primary illness of humanity is “a wrong thought” and weak will. As I have mentioned previously, our physical body is not a single body what we have.

Generally, a person has 7 bodies, and each layer significantly influences each other. Psychosomatics is the example of how our etheric layer influence on the physical one. They are so close and the only harmony between them can make a person healthy. Proper mood and desire to live can change physical state. There are so many examples of people who recovered themselves with the power of mind. They have a unique peculiarity and it was strong wish to live, they were not focused on diseases they were focused on life.

Positive thoughts are a miraculous source of life…”

Get Financial Stability And Increase Profit

Money is a tool but not a destination.


Many people say that money is not important and what only the inner world of the person is valuable. I agree that inner world is important but we live in the material world where money plays a significant role.

To have proper relations with finances, it is essential to understand that money is only an instrument to create a desirable life. So, the first rule of how to get financial stability does not create excessive potential while striving for wealth.

Often, work docks are such type of people. They think that their financial stability will increase if they work more but it does not works like this. To increase profit, you need to think more globally. Do not think that if you work more today so you will receive more money today. Think about how to increase your annual profit.

Time is more valuable than money. Successful people value their freedom and time. Think about how to increase your profit and set free your time. Time cannot be returned while money can. Think about it.

For me, financial stability means that I am free of hard work and can receive enough money to create engaging life. It means that I have more time to grow and move further. It is the ability to live the life I want.

What financial stability is for you?

Is It Possible To Become a Psychic? Or Is It Inborn Ability?

A person has an aura which consists of 7 layers and to become a psychic it is essential to develop Astral Bridge Layer, the fourth layer of the aura. Most people have good developed 2 first layers, etheric and emotional and it means that their thoughts are focused on their emotions, material wealth and ways of survivability.

Psychic is a person who can use extrasensory perception to receive information. The most frequent skills of a psychic are gnosis, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. Some people believe in psychics others prefer more scientific approaches to receive the necessary information.

Those people who reached the 3d Mental layer are good in intellectual development. Most scientists have a good developed mental layer of the aura. As such, scientists cannot understand psychics. However, they have the main common aim, to investigate the universe.

Development of 4 layers allows you to investigate astral plane. Starting with this development, the person see symbols and visions. Understanding it gives a psychic an incredible tool, he or she can see past and future. Extrasensory ability is given but the most important on this level is to learn how to use it. To become a professional psychic it is important not to stop development and improve own visionary skills.

Some people born having good developed Astral Bridge Layer because in past lives they have developed it. As such even if you are not a psychic now, it is possible to develop your Astral Bridge Layer with the help of meditation and strong ability to elicit your inner power in this incarnation.

7 Aura Layers

We are not only what we see. It is only possible to see the physical body. The body which we can perceive with our sense organs. We are not the only organism. We have consciousness. And in this article, you will find out how much bodies the person possess.

Etheric Layer

10-50 millimetres to the physical body. This is the first layer which goes after physical body. It has a higher level of vibration than the physical body but less vibrating than the other six bodies. This layer relates to our physical state and health condition. A person who has already started seeing aura see this layer foremost. Colours: grey, blue. Chakra: Muladhara.

Emotional Layer

The name of this layer aligned with its meaning. Emotional layer relates to the emotions of the person. It has all colours of the rainbow and is visible 25-75 millimetres beyond the physical body. Chakra: Swadhisthana

Mental Layer

Mental body relates to ego of the person, its thoughts and judgements. The color of this layer is yellow. Chakra: Manipura.

Astral Bridge Layer

Astral layer is the fourth body of person. It is the bridge between lower 3 layers and higher 3 layers. The development of this layer plays significant role in the spiritual growth, because astral layer enables person to be a channel of high vibrations. It is primary spiritual layer. It is 30-45 cantimetres beyond human body. It looks chaotic. It is also a bridge to the astral plane and allows person to become a healer. Chakra: Anahata

Etheric Template Layer

45-60 cantimetres beyond human body. It has close relation to our throat and how we speak. It is one of the high vibration layers which can show what illneses person have. It is possible to see this layer as a negative of a photo or blueprint. Chakra: Vishudha

Celestial Layer

Enlightment may happen only in case of development this layer. This body functions with the openning of the “third eye”. Intuition and wisdom is what can be received with the development of this layer. It is quite difficult to see it because it looks like shimmering of pastel colors. Chakra: Agya.

Spiritual or Causal Layer

Spiritual Layer is the place where our collective consciousness lives. Reaching this layer is extremely desirable for any yog. It allows to receive information from your past and find out own karma, why you came here. It is 2-3 feet beyond human body. It has the most frequent vibration and can be seen in gold color. Chakra: Sahrasrara.

Wanna Be Rich? But Are You Ready For It?

Money, money, money….how it is exciting to have plenty of it. You may buy all that you want, travel, be the owner of desirable apartments and drive expensive cars. You can strive for being wealthy a long period of time, but nothing is going right while other people become wealthy in minutes winning a lottery or getting heritage. It looks extremely unfair. But…

Universe know what is fair even if it does not look like this. All that happen with you is experience. Your soul came here to get the necessary experience for its further evolution. Some people needs to come through wealth and others need to come through poverty to learn necessary lessons.

Many people who become wealthy in minutes go out of mind, other tosses away it in a short period of time. For example, when your budget next month increases on 100%, your mind will definitely be excited and your thoughts will go around this sum, whether to waste it or invest or help relatives…etc. And the one reason for it, you are not ready for such sum yet. Be focused on your goals, visualize but don’t create excessive potential around you. Let the universe create your life of dream.

Remember, money is energy, and if your energy channel was slim during a long period of time, receiving plenty of it can “smother” you. The best way to become wealthy when it goes step by step in a moderate temp. You become accustomed to it and your mind is ready to become wealthier.

Do you feel pressure when your profit is extremely increasing?

5 Ways To Increase Motivation

Motivation is a set of internal or external factors which stimulate a person to take actions. Motivation can be conscious or unconscious. So, it means that the person does not always understand this sense of inspiration that forces to take actions.

If motivation is a result of internal or external factors, it means that it is possible to procreate such sense inside of yourself or become inspired by other actions of people, physical things, nature etc. To find out how to become inspired you may read my recent blog post “How to get inspiration?” In this article we are going to talk how to find internal factors which can force you to take actions.

Set Goals. All people like dreams, sometimes it is so pleasing to deep into own dreams and how it is difficult to become awakened and start doing something now, in reality. But we do not live in visionary, we live in the real world. I appreciate affirmations and visualisation, but it does not works without setting plan and actions which can fulfil your goals.

Would you like to live such a life as you have now during the whole of your life? Oh..maybe this is the best question you may ask yourself to become motivated.

Become better each year. If you live worse life than the previous year, maybe something goes wrong. Life is a set of your choices, and it highly depends on what you are doing now. What have you done yesterday to live better today?

Read books. Books are the experience of other people. Those people who write books also had a period of demotivation and procrastination but anyhow in your hands, you hold the result of their motivation, and this result is a book. So, be sure reading books you get an experience of self-motivated people.

Physical Exercises. Sport is a good way to charge yourself with energy. In the physical world, energy can be compared with blood. Get your blood going makes you to be active, and you are more motivated to take actions and reach your goals.

Are you a highly motivated person? And do you reach your goals? What was the previous goal you have reached?

What Is True Love?

Many people tried to define the word “love” and each person was defining it in own way. All people are unique, with its stereotypes, desires and meanings. Therefore, the definition of the word “love” is different for anyone. In this article I would like to define what is “true love”?

Love is an extremely powerful feeling which makes people change the world in a better way. When people say I love him or her because… Be sure they do not love. It is impossible to love because of she is beautiful, or he is wealthy and powerful. When you say “I love him because”… you mean “I am satisfied with him because I can get rid of my fears, be limited with my stereotypes or even because I can satisfy desires of my friends, relatives or other people.

All these biases relate to ego and not to the soul. Ego is a part of a conscious mind which is often considered as “yourself” however, it is not true. In order to find out what is “true love”, it is important to listen to the heart (Anahata Chakra), the location of your soul.

True love does not have any biases, it is always unconditional. Only such love can bring real happiness and harmony because you do not wait for any actions from your partner. You love him or her only because this one exists and you have only one desire which is to make your lover be happy.

Ask yourself: “Will I wish him or her to be happy even if we break?”. If your answer is yes, you definitely can love. Remember, love is an opportunity to find happiness, so don’t lose this opportunity and learn how to love without any prejudices.

How To Get Inspiration?

In modern times being creative and active is an extremely useful ability for each person. However, how often do you face with a feeling of apathy and lack of inspiration? In the world overloaded with information, it is difficult to stay inspired to get succeed and create something new.

According to the dictionary, Inspiration is an influence that moves someone to action or emotions. Recently, inspiration was closely connected with the process of breathing as soon as the Latin word inspiratus means “to breathe into“. Now this word has another meaning, it is something or someone that inspires. To understand how to get this inspiration, it is important to draw a line between modern and ancient meaning of this word. And now it is possible to say that inspiration is something or someone that gives a breath, a breath of life or desire to live.

If your life is routine and nothing interesting happens, inspiration is what you need. It is a spark of energy which moves you to do something. There is no way to wait for inspiration. Go and find it everywhere. Inspiration can be all alive creatures. Nature is live and it is full of its desirable “breathe” that you need. Look at the lakes, grass, trees, water, look at all what is created by nature and find this desirable spark of energy. 

Many people visit galleries or concerts to find inspiration. And it is also a good way to get an inspiration. All creative people are charged with the energy of inspiration, their appearance and their works are what can inspire you. If you are a creative person and you can’t find you muse, find someone who has or had this muse.

At last, you can find inspiration inside of yourself. You are alive and you are amazing because you are someone unique. Go for in meditation and make your mind to be focused on something beautiful, something what could inspire you. You will be surprised with a result you can get out of this process.

Are you creative? What are your ways to find inspiration?

How To Cope With Apathy?

Apathy is a state that you know about. In the world overwhelmed with information and necessity to follow many standards to become successful, such state of mind is an extremely frequent issue. The dictionary states that Apathy is a lack of interest or enthusiasm. It is a horrible state when you live but you are not alive. Don’t confuse apathy and laziness. Laziness is a state of a person who in general don’t want to improve own life and prefer to stay in its comfort zone. While apathy very often is a reloading of inner powers and is necessary when you are long over your goal.

Those people who are extremely enthusiastic about some ideas, and strive for it a long period can end up with apathy. You are not a robot, you are a person. You are living being with its emotions, feelings and thoughts. It is difficult to stay in balance especially if you pay a lot of energy to something. No matter what emotions do you have, positive or negative. Emotions are energy, and if you wasted a lot of energy, it needs to be balanced.

Stop blaming yourself for laziness, maybe you only need a fresh start and it requires some time. The more you blame yourself the more time you need to reload your powers. Keep calm and relax, it is the best way to cope with apathy and reach harmony again. 

People are so different, but they have one problem, they do not know the golden mean. Those who are goal-oriented and enthusiastic, work without weekends, while others do not want to do anything. Apathy and laziness have common reason and it is an imbalance of inner powers. In the first example, the person forget about own soul and strive for money without any breaks. While in the other example the person forgets about to live in the real world and prefer its comfort zone. 

Happiness is the ability to find balance. If you are overwhelmed with work, delegate your powers or take only that workload you can cope with. If you find yourself lazy, stand up of your coach and make some exercises, it can help you to fire up a spark of energy and it will be easier for you to start doing something.

Who is an empath? 5 signs of an empathetic person

Empath is like a mirror, it is a person who can deeply feel the emotions and pain of other people. It is a gift, but in most cases, it is highly difficult to be an empath. Any interaction with people give you a certain experience which is taken from the understanding of what a person is feeling. It is one of the biggest gifts because you receive the most important for the evolution of your soul, you receive experience. But on the other hand, it is difficult because you are a highly sensitive person and frequently you can find yourself in stress and depressive states. So what are these 5 signs that indicate you to be an empath?

You feel the emotions of people as they are your own. If somebody enters a room with horrible mood, you feel it and often ask “What happened?”, “Why are you so angry?”. On the other hand, you can also feel positive emotions and if someone near you is excited you can also feel it and share your ideas and thoughts about it.

You are a good advisor. People feel an empath, and if you are an empath you know that many people are telling you secrets, life stories in order to find support from you. And what is most interesting, there is no matter whether these people are your friends, very often even strangers tell you their painful stories. It happens because of your open heart to humanity. 

You are a good listener. Listening is one of the most difficult abilities for people. Each person strives for self-representation, and in order to do it, they use speech. Very often, people talk extremely a lot, so it seems like this one is a person with low self-esteem and is afraid to stop talking. Listening is one of the most important tools which helps to reach a common understanding and create a dialogue between people. Empath is able to listen and after analyzing information this one gives a piece of advice which goes from the soul.

You can feel the physical pain of other people. Basically, empaths feel emotions of people but there are such types of empaths who can feel physical pain. It feels like acute pulsatile pain in the same location. Frequently, empaths receive this gift in order to become healers and such ability helps to define a location where healing energy is needed.

You don’t like big companies and crowded places. Due to the ability to feel the emotions and physical pain of other people, an overcrowded place can be a real stress for an empath. You can find yourself in stress by a feeling of what is going on around you.

*** Have you found yourself an empath? 

What is Consciousness?

Osho said: “Consciousness is your nature, while the mind is a circumference created by the society around you, the culture and your education“. Meditation is a process which first of all teaches you to calm down your mind and be concentrated on something. You may say…oh that is so easy! And this is not so easy at all. Try to calm down your mind for 2-3 minutes, and you will be surprised how difficult it is.

The nature of mind is to think, and older you become the more anxious mind you have. You may ask why? The mind is continuously thinking about the past or future, and if you have more life experience there is a wider range of situations which mind takes for consideration. I don’t think that consideration about the past or future is bad. In some cases, it helps to find a way and receive essential qualities.

However, this is crucial not to be focused on what you are doing now. For example, if you are reading a book and at the same time, you are in clouds. Is there any use of this book for you? Or another situation, you come across the street and think about your plans, you don’t see cars, you are the one who can cause an accident on the road.

As such, it is essential to be focused on what you are doing now. Being conscious means to be at the right time, to be here and not in the clouds. For most people who have spiritual practices, being conscious remains to be one of the difficult practices. It is possible to stay focused on meditation, but it is extremely difficult to stay conscious in real life.

Your memory also depends on consciousness. The more focused you are, the better the memory you have. There is no sense to strive to know everything. It is essential to remember what you are doing now because our actions today form our experience and make us more intelligent and wiser for the future. 

To practice consciousness, you need to remember about it all the time. And as soon as you are distracted, try to be focused on the situation which is going now. If you go on the street, pay attention to people, buildings, cars to what is going outside. Or if you are watching a film, be focused on actors, scenes and the atmosphere of the plot. Hope this information is useful for you!

***Are you conscious enough? What do you do to be more focused?

Why is it important to be honest with yourself?

Ask yourself: what is your life like? Is it happiness and harmony or is it survivance? Those people who think that they survive here often use a lot of methods for it and lie is the best tool for a survivor. No matter who is he or she lying to. You may lie to anyone but the most important to be honest with yourself. Sometimes it is so easy to get entangled in own lie. And the trap of such situation is that you lose yourself, you are no more You. You are a liar.

Lie#1 FInding a guilty person. No matter what conflict situation are you trapped in. If you are looking for a guilty person, someone who spoiled your life, you will never come across this situation. Truth is that both parts of conflict are guilty. And even you. Be strong enough to think about yourself as someone who can be the reason of conflict situation. Problems are in both opponents.

Lie#2 Nothing is working for me. There is something that works for you. The truth is that you pay little attention to your problem. Be fair enough to avow yourself that you are lazy. If you can’t find work, build a career or develop your business, the only true reason is that you are lazy. Don’t for yourself. Yes for some people it takes less time to get succeed but those big leaders who received fabulous success were honest with yourselves. They saw truth even if it was painful for them.

Lie#3 This is my fate. I believe in fate but I do not believe that people are obliged to be in negative emotions and situations. I see fate as situations which appear in our life to overcome it and get sufficient experience to move further. Some people say “this is my fate”, and very often I heard it from people who are victims in relationships. Remember your fate is to find happiness and if you are not doing it you go against your fate and do not see what God is offering you. 

Being honest with yourself is an extremely important factor for those people who are looking for self-development and want find yourself. Don’t go away from the way which is your predestination. 

***Have you been wrong with yourself? What did it be the situation?

How To Become More Confident?

Confidence is the ability of being certain about own abilities. Lack of confidence can destroy the life of any person. People who are lack of confidence prefer staying at home alone closing doors to their souls in front of any who are trying to open it. As such, non-confident people cannot satisfy own needs and see life in all its colours. Instead of it, they always hesitate about own abilities and can’t be concentrated on what is going on outside of their minds.

Do you feel non-confidence? If your answer is yes, please stop do it. No matter who made you feel in such way. They do not have a right to make you so depressed. You are unique, and even if you think you are not beautiful, smart, wealth etc. The power is in your hands, you can change your reality because you are powerful enough. But before changing this reality, ask yourself: “Is it worth of it?” Maybe you should look at the mirror and see what is beautiful? If you don’t like your body and weight, please don’t start losing weight with negative thoughts. The body is a temple of your soul, and it should be beautiful but what if your soul is placed into negative thoughts?

Love your soul first, and then change the reality. If you start changing yourself with love in heart, it would be quite better than to do it with hate. Only then, you will be happy with new results, because you know that you do it for “dear you”, who are the best and the most important person in your life.

Do not compare yourself with other people. And don’t allow them to do the same. Each one has its way. No matter who is smarter or more beautiful. You came here to receive experience and wisdom. You are not only body or mind, but you are first of all a living being. You have feelings and emotions. You have consciousness. We all are equal.

***Are you self-confident? What are your pros and cons?